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A disturbance; a commotion: "They had shut the dogs into the cowshed to keep them from causing a ruckus" (Molly Gloss).

[Perhaps blend of ruction and rumpus.]


n, pl -uses
informal an uproar; ruction
[C20: from ruction + rumpus]


(ˈrʌk əs)

1. a noisy commotion; uproar; rumpus.
2. a heated controversy.
[1885–90, Amer.; probably b. ruction and rumpus]
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Noun1.ruckus - the act of making a noisy disturbanceruckus - the act of making a noisy disturbance
disturbance - the act of disturbing something or someone; setting something in motion
ado, bustle, flurry, hustle, stir, fuss - a rapid active commotion


[ˈrʌkəs] n (mainly US)remue-ménage m
to cause a ruckus → provoquer du remue-ménage


n (inf)Krawall m
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More recently, RAN has engaged in actions involving banner-hangs and giant inflatable props, while the Ruckus Society has helped organize the street protests now synonymous with the anti-globalization movement.
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23 March 2017 - New York-based video creator and multi-platform content distributor Zazoom Media Group has agreed to acquire Chicago-based content incubator and production studio Ruckus Factory Digital Studios, the company said.
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Ruckus Wireless Inc (NYSE:RKUS), a provider of advanced wireless systems for the mobile Internet infrastructure market, announced on Wednesday the expansion of its partnership with the city of San Jose with the extension of the Ruckus-powered Wickedly Fast Wi-Fi network throughout Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) and the San Jose McEnery Convention Centre.
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