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Noun1.rudderfish - food and game fish around Bermuda and Floridarudderfish - food and game fish around Bermuda and Florida; often follow ships
sea chub - schooling fishes mostly of Indian and western Pacific oceans; two species in western Atlantic
genus Kyphosus, Kyphosus - type genus of the Kyphosidae
2.rudderfish - fish having the habit of following shipsrudderfish - fish having the habit of following ships; found in North American and South American coastal waters
jack - any of several fast-swimming predacious fishes of tropical to warm temperate seas
genus Seriola, Seriola - a genus of Carangidae
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We catch all kinds of fish from rainbow runners to rudderfish to grouper and everything in between.
Catch Discards Common name Species Open Closed Open Closed Red snapper Lutjanus campechanus 76.6 23.3 89.8 63.3 Vermilion Rhomboplites snapper aurorubens 11.9 33.7 2.5 2.3 Red porgy Pagrus pagrus 3.9 15.3 0.2 0.0 Gray triggerfish Batistes capriscus 1.7 7.8 5.5 18.6 Tomtate Haemulon aurolineatum 1.3 5.9 0.0 0.0 Greater amberjack Seriola dumerili 0.7 5.3 0.0 5.5 Banded rudderfish Seriola zonata 0.0 2.0 0.2 5.5 Whitebone porgy Calamus leucosteus 0.1 1.2 0.0 0.0 Scamp Mycteroperca phenax 0.7 1.0 0.6 1.6 Gag Mycteroperca 0.5 0.7 0.8 0.8 microlepis Sharks Carcharhiniformes 0.1 0.5 0.2 1.2 Other 2.6 3.2 0.3 1.0 Table 2 Species of reef fishes that comprised <0.1% of the catch or discards observed on charter boat trips in the northern Gulf of Mexico in 2012 and 2013.
Seriola zonata (Mitchill): Banded Rudderfish (juvenile); p.
The main species extracted in these areas are the yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares), snoek, (Thyrsites atun), yellowtail jack (Seriola lalandi) and the Pacific rudderfish (Kyphosus sandwicensis) (Yanez et al., 2007; Inostroza, 1978).
([double Grass shrimp ([paragraph]) dagger]) Orthopristis chrysoptera Pigfish ([paragraph]) ([double dagger]) Anchoa mitchilli ([double Bay anchovy ([paragraph])# dagger])# Alpheus heterochaelis ([double Big-claw snapping shrimp dagger]) ([paragraph]) Seriola zonata ([double Banded rudderfish dagger]) Cyprinodon variegatus ([double Sheepshead minnow dagger]) Centropristis striata Black sea bass# ([dagger])# Stylochus ellipticus * Oyster flatworm Diadumene leucolena Ghost anemone Haliplanella lineata Striped anemone Bryozoan spp.
Escolar has gone through its own rebranding; its current roster of pseudonyms includes "white tuna," "butterfish," "rudderfish," and "Hawaiian walu." Some government agencies warn consumers about the fish: In 2004, Washington's health department issued a bulletin on it, and the European Union mandates that escolar and its relatives be sold only in packaged form with health warnings.
Species like surgeonfish and rudderfish, both of which are good eating and fun to shoot, will come to chum in hordes.