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adj. rud·di·er, rud·di·est
a. Having a healthy, reddish color.
b. Reddish; rosy.
2. Chiefly British Slang Used as an intensive: "You ruddy liar!" (John Galsworthy).

[Middle English rudi, from Old English rudig; see reudh- in Indo-European roots.]

rud′di·ly adv.
rud′di·ness n.
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So while the autumn sunset shone ruddily through the broad window these three sat together hand in hand, with hearts which were too full to speak.
On the third day after the full, the moon, as seen from the open space in front of Jim's house (he had a very fine house in the native style when I visited him), rose exactly behind these hills, its diffused light at first throwing the two masses into intensely black relief, and then the nearly perfect disc, glowing ruddily, appeared, gliding upwards between the sides of the chasm, till it floated away above the summits, as if escaping from a yawning grave in gentle triumph.