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adj. rud·di·er, rud·di·est
a. Having a healthy, reddish color.
b. Reddish; rosy.
2. Chiefly British Slang Used as an intensive: "You ruddy liar!" (John Galsworthy).

[Middle English rudi, from Old English rudig; see reudh- in Indo-European roots.]

rud′di·ly adv.
rud′di·ness n.
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Noun1.ruddiness - a healthy reddish complexion
complexion, skin color, skin colour - the coloring of a person's face


[ˈrʌdɪnɪs] N [of complexion] → rubicundez f; [of sky] → lo rojizo


nRöte f; the ruddiness of his complexionseine gesunde Gesichtsfarbe
References in classic literature ?
These protruded over the lips, whose remarkable ruddiness showed astonishing vitality in a man of his years.
But her brother was known by the style and title of Peony, on account of the ruddiness of his broad and round little phiz, which made everybody think of sunshine and great scarlet flowers.
It was not that he looked many years older, though still dressed with the old scrupulous cleanliness; or that there was an unwholesome ruddiness upon his face; or that his eyes were full and bloodshot; or that there was a nervous trembling in his hand, the cause of which I knew, and had for some years seen at work.
It throws its unobtrusive tinge throughout the room, with a faint ruddiness upon the walls and ceiling, and a reflected gleam upon the polish of the furniture.
(40) There is nothing in Nashe's (quite detailed) descriptions of Harvey to suggest that this ruddiness was one of his characteristics.
No one else's came close to matching the expertly whittled piece of wood to which the youngster had attached his flag, the ruddiness of the apple that perched proudly at the stick's end, or the luminosity of the candle that flickered within.
Its overall magnitude-4.5 glow has near its center the cluster's brightest star, a magnitude-6.9 star of definite ruddiness. As a whole, the cluster is circular with a diameter of about 38', but its brighter members form a butterfly pattern.
Camouflage any ruddiness in your skin (try a do-it-all compact) so the finished look feels intentional and bold, not blotchy.
A complementary color to red shades, Greenery plays down ruddiness in the skin as well.
He had just collapsed like a balloon; even the plumpness and the ruddiness had gone out of his cheeks, until now they were withered like an old apple, and he sat there huddled by the fire in the living room of his great apartment, with all the brilliant and glittering people moving about him, an old man with a rug about his shoulders, with the maids bringing him things in glasses which he took: and you could just see something oozing out of him as he sat and shook and dwindled there before the fire.
e) Corpses: bloating; oozing blood; bright blood; ruddiness of skin; flaccid limbs; warm to the touch; erection; movement in the coffin; incorruption; new skin and nail growth; chewed shrouds and limbs; noises.
ruddiness or sallowness or even a grayness of countenance could be seen