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(rŭd′l) also red·dle (rĕd′l) or rad·dle (răd′l)
Red ocherous iron ore, used in dyeing and marking.
tr.v. rud·dled, rud·dling, rud·dles also red·dled or red·dling or red·dles or rad·dled or rad·dling or rad·dles
To dye or mark with or as if with red ocher: ruddle sheep.

[Probably diminutive of rud, red, from Middle English rudde, from Old English rudu; see reudh- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈrʌdəl) ,




(Agriculture) a red ochre, used esp to mark sheep
(Agriculture) (tr) to mark (sheep) with ruddle
[C16: diminutive formed from Old English rudu redness; see rudd]


(ˈrʌd l)

n., v. -dled, -dling. n.
1. a red variety of ocher, used for marking sheep, coloring, etc.
2. to mark or color with ruddle.
[1530–40; dial. rud (see rudd) + -le]


Past participle: ruddled
Gerund: ruddling

I ruddle
you ruddle
he/she/it ruddles
we ruddle
you ruddle
they ruddle
I ruddled
you ruddled
he/she/it ruddled
we ruddled
you ruddled
they ruddled
Present Continuous
I am ruddling
you are ruddling
he/she/it is ruddling
we are ruddling
you are ruddling
they are ruddling
Present Perfect
I have ruddled
you have ruddled
he/she/it has ruddled
we have ruddled
you have ruddled
they have ruddled
Past Continuous
I was ruddling
you were ruddling
he/she/it was ruddling
we were ruddling
you were ruddling
they were ruddling
Past Perfect
I had ruddled
you had ruddled
he/she/it had ruddled
we had ruddled
you had ruddled
they had ruddled
I will ruddle
you will ruddle
he/she/it will ruddle
we will ruddle
you will ruddle
they will ruddle
Future Perfect
I will have ruddled
you will have ruddled
he/she/it will have ruddled
we will have ruddled
you will have ruddled
they will have ruddled
Future Continuous
I will be ruddling
you will be ruddling
he/she/it will be ruddling
we will be ruddling
you will be ruddling
they will be ruddling
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been ruddling
you have been ruddling
he/she/it has been ruddling
we have been ruddling
you have been ruddling
they have been ruddling
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been ruddling
you will have been ruddling
he/she/it will have been ruddling
we will have been ruddling
you will have been ruddling
they will have been ruddling
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been ruddling
you had been ruddling
he/she/it had been ruddling
we had been ruddling
you had been ruddling
they had been ruddling
I would ruddle
you would ruddle
he/she/it would ruddle
we would ruddle
you would ruddle
they would ruddle
Past Conditional
I would have ruddled
you would have ruddled
he/she/it would have ruddled
we would have ruddled
you would have ruddled
they would have ruddled
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.ruddle - a red iron ore used in dyeing and marking
iron ore - an ore from which iron can be extracted
Verb1.ruddle - twist or braid together, interlace
interweave, weave - interlace by or as if by weaving
2.ruddle - redden as if with a red ocher color
redden - make red; "The setting sun reddened the sky"
References in classic literature ?
Your worship," replied Sancho, "had better mark it with ruddle, like the inscriptions on the walls of class rooms, that those who see it may see it plain.
And now it has appointed Tracy Ruddle as director of Continuous School Improvement as BEP begins its role in boosting the quality of Birmingham schools.
Boss John Ruddle said: "We're on course to achieve a 10% increase by year end.
Jim was the commander on scene " at a notorious shooting in the Gorbals in 1991, when psychopath Noel Ruddle gunned down neighbour James McConville after going on the rampage with a Kalashnikov rifle.
Winner of the tidiest garden was Adele Ruddle, Bob Buckley won the most colourful garden and Marjorie Tyas won the most improved garden.
Late in the half, after an even period of play, the Crusaders took an 8-7 lead lead through a Gareth Ruddle try.
The Keith Millis and Ron Ruddle scholarship recipients were announced, as well as the recipient of the first William Allan Hunter Scholarship.
p3) in which enrolled nurse (EN) Rosemary Ruddle of Greymouth states: "To add insult to injury, it would appear that Nelson Marlborough DHB has stated it will not be employing anymore and is heading for the cheaper option of using health care assistants [HCAs], an unregulated workforce who, after three days' training, will be released onto an unsuspecting population".
Dorothy Richards is 108 years old while Marjorie Ruddle is 105 - giving them a combined age of 213 years, three months, and 27 days.
Dorothy Richards,108, and her sister Marjorie Ruddle, 105, celebrated their record with a tea party at the Peterborough nursing home where Ruddle lives, the BBC reported.
Hollie Ruddle has also bolstered the team having joined from the Bristol valuation department.
NEW FRIENDS: Charlie Longster, five, from Norton looks at the animals with Sophie Ruddle, above, in the petting barn SMILES OF FUN: Jack Hayes, three, from Norton, left.