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(rŭd′l) also red·dle (rĕd′l) or rad·dle (răd′l)
Red ocherous iron ore, used in dyeing and marking.
tr.v. rud·dled, rud·dling, rud·dles also red·dled or red·dling or red·dles or rad·dled or rad·dling or rad·dles
To dye or mark with or as if with red ocher: ruddle sheep.

[Probably diminutive of rud, red, from Middle English rudde, from Old English rudu; see reudh- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.ruddles - the common European annual marigoldruddles - the common European annual marigold
calendula - any of numerous chiefly annual herbs of the genus Calendula widely cultivated for their yellow or orange flowers; often used for medicinal and culinary purposes
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'I expect a letter from the solicitor respecting that mortgage of Ruddle's.
"Your worship," replied Sancho, "had better mark it with ruddle, like the inscriptions on the walls of class rooms, that those who see it may see it plain."
Greene King Abbot; Ruddles County; guest beers CONTACT?
Lara Davies, 27, used Barclays' systems to snoop on the state of Samantha Ruddles' finances.
Offers include a pint of Ruddles Best Bitter for pounds 1.29 and a cup of coffee for 79p.
RM Water Services, operating from office in Wakefield, has been launched by Ruddle Merz, a commercial property business rates specialist which was formed in 1996 by Tony Ruddle, former chairman of Ruddles Brewery.
TheBill 1x Cod and chips: pounds 3.99 1x 8oz sirloin steak: pounds 8.29 2x Children's spaghetti bolognaise + drinks @ pounds 3.69: pounds 7.38 1x Children's sausage and mash + drink: pounds 3.69 2x Children's brownies with ice cream @pounds 1.49: pounds 2.98 1x Children's profiterole: pounds 1.49 1x Jam Sponge: pounds 1.99 1pt Ruddles Bitter: pounds 1.35 1x 250ml Creek Chardonnary: pounds 2.79 2x small cappuccinos @99p: pounds 1.98 Total: pounds 35.93 TheVerdict PLUS: Unbeatable prices at an historic pub in a lovely nearriverside setting.
IMPRESS dad on Father's Day with an award-winning beer, Ruddles Rhubarb by Greene King.
IMPRESS Dad with award winning beer Ruddles Rhubarb by Greene King, right.
Ruddles Orchard premium ale, made from apple juice combined with a blend of hops and malted barley, is designed to complement traditional dishes like bangers and mash or honey roasted vegetables.
-- Mike Rogers, 403 Ruddles Mill Rd., Paris, KY 40361
lSide-stepping claims he misled Scottish Tory leader David McLetchie and the SNP's Roseanna Cunningham that there were no other Ruddles in the pipeline - when two other killers in Carstairs had lodged appeals.