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Noun1.rug merchant - a merchant who sells rugsrug merchant - a merchant who sells rugs    
merchandiser, merchant - a businessperson engaged in retail trade
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Some of merchants offering special activities and discounts include: Bare Moxie, The Gathering, The Little Traveler, Harvey's Tales, The Olive Mill, Artemisia, Cali & Chance, State Street Jewelers, Strawflower Shop and Rug Merchant, Azar Jewelers, Crystal Life Technology, Aunt Sassy's Quilt and Image Awards, Engraving & Creative Keepsakes.
Rug Oriental weavers malmo rug, Rug Merchant,, from PS51.98
The buildings behind those two walls belong to rug merchant, business professor, and downtown stalwart Ali Emami.
Cheshire, United Kingdom, April 18, 2013 --( Rug Merchant Online Limited, the company behind, has welcomed the news that search engine giant Google will begin to roll out ranking penalisation on badly performing merchant websites in late 2013.
Best known for his jaunty, ruminative nonfiction books on such redoubtable topics as bachelorhood, melancholy, and the male body, Phillip Lopate last produced a full-length work of fiction in 1987-The Rug Merchant. Whence, then, this tart, mischievous set of novellas--Two Marriages--paired some twenty-one years later into one deceptively trim, provocatively entertaining volume?
The desire of a tradition-bound rug merchant's daughter to marry an American is the pointed linchpin in Hassan Fathi's alternately charming and overwrought Persian comedy of manners, "Marriage Iranian Style." As a fascinating glimpse into how pop culture can sometimes do an end run around global crises, pic and its message of international tolerance has been packing 'em in in Iranian big cities during the politically inflamed summer season.
A college student and an Iranian immigrant meet and form an unlikely romance in THE RUG MERCHANT, providing quite a realistic story of a young immigrant who leaves home and wife to start a new life after a terrible earthquake at home--only to find a young American girl from the South sparks a new life in him after he finds his wife at home has been unfaithful to him.
Lopate refined his archival vision in a novel, The Rug Merchant, in which the owner of a sleepy Oriental rug shop on Amsterdam Avenue has his rent tripled by gentrification-happy landlords.
She closed an Aspen store and subleased some of her space in Edwards to a coffee store and to a rug merchant, both of which helped drive traffic to her own retail store, which she decided could no longer be operated as a break-even service but had to become a profit center in itself.
Born Eli a Kazanjoglous on September 7, 1909,in what was then Constantinople,Turkey,he was the son of a Greek rug merchant. The family emigrated to New York when Kazan was four and he grew up in a Greek neighbourhood in Harlem and later suburban New Rochelle.
Perhaps, it takes a bit of a Middle Eastern rug merchant's mentality to comprehend the simplicity of this English language training equals soft power formula.
ATLANTA-Pat Shaw, rug merchant and global product manager for Home Depot's Expo Design Center, will retire after the Atlanta International Area Rug Market this summer.