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Noun1.rug pad - a pad placed under a carpetrug pad - a pad placed under a carpet    
pad - a flat mass of soft material used for protection, stuffing, or comfort
underfelt - a carpet pad of thick felt
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"Rug pads are often an afterthought, and once your space is designed, who really wants to move all of their furniture to put down a rug pad?" says Wood, who is based in San Francisco.
After the glue has cooled, cut the non-slip rug pad to size and glue it to the back of your rug.
A custom sling was constructed with an empty recycling bin (38 x 51 x 31 cm) and a nonslip rug pad. Briefly, the nonslip rug pad was placed over the top of the bin and attached with large binder clips.
They'd need a rug pad so they wouldn't slip; they'd have to be vacuumed regularly; carpet is a breeding ground for fleas (especially here in the hot, humid south); and often, runners come with a dreadful chemical smell that takes a while to dissipate.
The only rug pad available was an eco-friendly one, made of plant-based oils.
A solid rug pad anchors the rug to the floor and prevents it from sliding (who hasn't almost tripped after kicking up a rug?).
Called Ruggable, the two-piece, patented rug system consists of a top rug layer in a variety of colors and designs, which attaches to a non-slip, cushioned rug pad.
Right now, about 10 percent of its line is made in the U.S., purchased from other manufacturers, and which includes its wall decor, pillow, pouf and rug pad categories.
It's aggressively expanding its broadloom and rug pad businesses, but President Mike Riley said the company is also coming out with some new rug lines that are "innovative and right on trend, both in style as well as price point."
Calhoun, GA, April 21, 2010 --( Rug pad manufacturer, American Rug Pad announces a new marketing strategy of selling directly to the consumer via the internet.
Along with the cleaning, Persian Rug Galleries may also sell the consumer a new rug pad. A typical order for a 9-by-12 rug, including underlay, runs from $350 to $400, Mahfuz said.
Fall sale programs will include a free rug pad, cleaner and financing options.