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n. pl. ru·gae (-gē′, -gī′) Biology
often rugas A fold, crease, or wrinkle, as in the lining of the stomach.

[Latin rūga.]

ru′gate′ (-gāt′) adj.
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(ˈru geɪt, -gɪt)

wrinkled; rugose.
[1840–50; < Latin rūgātus, past participle of rūgāre to become wrinkled. See ruga, -ate1]
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Matt will lead the exploration of these delicious wines, once so uncool, they're now almost cool again - and not a Babycham in sight!" Matt will exploration once so they're almost Fonseca general Danielle Youds Ahead of the Retro Night, Fonseca's will host an Italian Wine Evening with a special emphasis on the Ca Rugate Vineyard, where the team have just been fortunate enough to return from.
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Palynomorph: Oblong, nonaperturate, colpate, or colporate, or foraminate, or rugate; 2-celled.