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or rug·a·lach  (rŭg′ə-ləKH)
A cookie of cream-cheese dough spread with filling, such as jam or nuts, and then rolled into a crescent shape.

[Yiddish rogelekh, rugelekh, pl. of rogele, rugele, a rugelach, of Slavic origin; akin to Polish rogal, crescent-shaped bread roll, from róg, horn.]


(Cookery) a fruit-and-nut pastry shaped like a croissant
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Noun1.rugelach - pastry made with a cream cheese dough and different fillings (as raisins and walnuts and cinnamon or chocolate and walnut and apricot preserves)
pastry - any of various baked foods made of dough or batter
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As for dessert, she offered him a chocolate chip rugelach - a pastry which looks a bit like a chocolate croissant - on the house.
Roast your Thanksgiving turkey or bake your rugelach for Hanukkah in the oven s True European Convection with Precise Air, keep your dinner rolls warm in the warming drawer and boil your potatoes in just minutes on the induction cooktop.
Oh, and a basket of fresh-baked goods such as rugelach, just to make sure you don't leave the table hungry.
Love the rugelach that's served at many Hanukkah celebrations?
The deli offers the same large selection of handcrafted beers and sodas on tap as its first location at 1334 Oak Alley, but a totally different menu, including breads and bagels; cured meats, such as pastrami; and other classic delicatessen items, such as latkes, and desserts, rugelach and babka, all made from scratch.
Even now, thinking of the chopped liver, the matzoh balls, the smoked meat, the apple cherry squares, and the rugelach makes my mouth start to water.
There are Flavors from Forests (such as morels, and maple syrup), Flavors from Waters and Wetlands (includes fish, wild rice and cranberries), Flavors from Fields and Orchards, Flavors from Meat and Dairy Farms, Flavors from Backyards and Gardens, and Flavors from Families and Communities (includes recipes for hull corn soup, Norwegian meatballs, Cornish pasties, Rugelach, sweet potato pie, and Southeast Asian spring rolls).
The Damascus Bread and Pastry Shop in Brooklyn, where judges and lawyers from the nearby federal courthouse frequently dine on fresh baklava and rugelach, was listed in police files with other businesses that the NYPD described as "Syrian Locations of Concern.
He bakes the best cakes, and makes the best rugelach.
The New York-based company is offering ice cream with mix-ins that include rugelach, coconut-almond macaroon, and chocolate matzo.
As always, customers can find their favorite holiday staples such as Streit's Potato Pancake Latke mix and Rugelach in chocolate and apricot.