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n.1.(Surg.) An instrument for scraping the periosteum from bones; a raspatory.
v. t.1.To scrape or rasp, as a bone; to scale.
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George Romanian Catholic Parish in Aurora, and rugine duona, Lithuanian rye bread.
2 Fundeni, and furniture for 4 kindergartens was delivered as part of the Early Education Reform Project in Romania (PRET): the Kindergarten with the normal program Anghele?ti Rugine?ti, the Kindergarten Slobozia Bradului (both in Vrancea county), the Kindergarten B?ile Govora ( Valcea County) and Kindergarten Mehadia (Cara?-Severin County).
The party's board also includes Linards Gulbis, Ingrida Gradkovska, Alina Rugine and Inese Caunite.