rule off

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يَرْسُمُ خَطّاً فاصِلا
oddělit linkou
vonalat húz
draga línu
oddeliť čiarou
çizgiyle ayırmak

w>rule off

vt sepeinen Schlussstrich ziehen unter (+acc)


(ruːl) noun
1. government. under foreign rule.
2. a regulation or order. school rules.
3. what usually happens or is done; a general principle. He is an exception to the rule that fat people are usually happy.
4. a general standard that guides one's actions. I make it a rule never to be late for appointments.
5. a marked strip of wood, metal etc for measuring. He measured the windows with a rule.
1. to govern. The king ruled (the people) wisely.
2. to decide officially. The judge ruled that the witness should be heard.
3. to draw (a straight line). He ruled a line across the page.
ruled adjective
having straight lines drawn across. ruled paper.
ˈruler noun
1. a person who governs. the ruler of the state.
2. a long narrow piece of wood, plastic etc for drawing straight lines. I can't draw straight lines without a ruler.
ˈruling adjective
governing. the ruling party.
an official decision. The judge gave his ruling.
as a rule
usually. I don't go out in the evening as a rule.
rule off
to draw a line in order to separate. He ruled off the rest of the page.
rule out
to leave out; not to consider. We mustn't rule out the possibility of bad weather.
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"There is some room in a legislative solution to take the rule off the table" and to give Congress and DOL time to work through revisions.
29, 2016, the DOL sends the proposed rule off to the Office of Management and Budget.
There was a very articulate and mature Syrian woman talking about the current situation in her country and she actually said that Syria would be better off under the rule off Islamic State than President Assad.