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A large drinking cup or glass.

[German Römer, from Dutch roemer, from roem, praise, from Middle Dutch.]


a drinking glass, typically having an ovoid bowl on a short stem
[C17: from Dutch roemer a glass for drinking toasts, from roemen to praise]


(ˈrʌm ər)

a large drinking glass or cup.
[1645–55; < Dutch roemer large wine glass, especially for Rhine wine, perhaps derivative of roemen to praise (as in drinking a toast)]
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Noun1.rummer - a large drinking glass (ovoid bowl on a stem) for drinking toasts
drinking glass, glass - a container for holding liquids while drinking
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His gills'll look rummer when he wakes; won't they?
There's rummer things than women in this world though, mind you,' said the man with the black eye, slowly filling a large Dutch pipe, with a most capacious bowl.
a sharp one, like this: it's very improving; but this little argument about women brought to my mind a story I have heard an old uncle of mine tell, the recollection of which, just now, made me say there were rummer things than women to be met with, sometimes.
He said that some elements were spreading rummers about wheat storage.
The restaurant itself has opened in the upstairs (the storehouse) of legendary local pub Rummers.
Nights will follow at Le Pub in Newport on Friday, October 21, Clwb Y Bont in Pontypridd on Friday, November 11, and Rummers Wine Bar in Aberystwyth on Saturday, November 12.
Aberystwyth bar Rummers has been raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support for five years ago and has raised over PS18,000 with its annual offering of tasteful calendar nudity.
Rummers, the name given to large-bowled, short-stemmed alehouse glasses, are great fun.
SHAKE OF SHAME: Rummers meets Saddam in 1983' RETURN: Rumsfeld's Baghdad visit, 2005
Many of them will be familiar with the term "disaster glasses", a genre of mainly drinking glasses ( pub rummers, wines and tumblers ( wheel-engraved somewhat crudely and widely distributed throughout the North-East from about 1860 to 1917.
It will remain in place on the A445 Rugby Road just after the traffic lights near the Old Potterton Factory site, with rummers turning left at Clarendon Place before joining up with the A445 heading for Cubbington and Princethorpe.
These rummers, jugs and miniature tankards are generally of poor quality with simple engraving often surrounded by a flourish of leaves and ferns - something you find on Victorian clear glass tumblers.