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v. rum·pled, rum·pling, rum·ples
1. To wrinkle or form into folds or creases.
2. To make unkempt or untidy.
1. To become wrinkled or creased.
2. To become unkempt or untidy.
An irregular or untidy crease.

[Perhaps Dutch rompelen, from Middle Dutch rumpelen.]

rum′ply adj.


adj clothes, sheets etczerknittert
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Other delightful tales include Rumply Pumply Stinky Pin and Little Red Riding Wolf.
and simple derivatives from verbs bristly bubbly crinkly crumbly crumply cuddly curly frizzly giggly rumply smelly sparkly wriggly wrinkly
And for those of you who are used to him eating apples and looking all rumply as Jonathan, alongside Caroline Quentin, you're in for a shock.