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a. A small motorboat.
b. A light aircraft.
c. A small, open automobile or carriage.
2. A vagabond or wanderer.


(ˈrʌnəˌbaʊt) or


1. (Automotive Engineering) a small car, esp one for use in a town
2. (Aeronautics) a light aircraft
3. (Nautical Terms) a light motorboat
4. a person who moves about constantly or busily
(intr, adverb) to move busily from place to place


(ˈrʌn əˌbaʊt)

1. a small, light automobile with an open top; roadster.
2. a small pleasure motorboat.
3. a person who roves around from place to place.
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Noun1.runabout - an open automobile having a front seat and a rumble seatrunabout - an open automobile having a front seat and a rumble seat
auto, automobile, car, motorcar, machine - a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; "he needs a car to get to work"
rumble seat - a folding outside seat in the back of some early cars


[ˈrʌnəbaʊt] N
1. (Aut) → coche m pequeño
2. (Rail etc) → billete m kilométrico


[ˈrʌnəbaʊt] n
(= car) → cabriolet m
(US) (= boat) → canot m à moteur


[ˈrʌnəˌbaʊt] n (car) → utilitaria
References in classic literature ?
And to the end of the day, Bob continued to be up to one trick or another; after passing a dozen automobiles on the way into Oakland, suddenly electing to go mad with fright at a most ordinary little runabout.
He had, however, taken the precaution to engage in advance a runabout with a pair of old livery-stable trotters that could still do their eighteen miles on level roads; and at two o'clock, hastily deserting the luncheon-table, he sprang into the light carriage and drove off.
And it might be that in time to come there would be given to them little runabouts.
Men--Americans--driving along in buggies or runabouts looked at Saxon and Billy curiously.
Athletes will participate in eight categories, including Free Style, Ski Junior Stock, and Expert Runabout Stock.
It was a day for champions with Kuwait's Yousuf Al Abdul Razzaq, Quinten Bossche and Emma-Nellie Ortendahl reaffirming their status as world champions taking the Sharjah titles in Runabout and Ski.
Qatar's Waleed al Sharshani, who will compete in the Pro Runabout Grand Prix, will be Qatar's main hope in the event.
As an inshore (or freshwater) fishing boat or runabout, the 172 Bay is suited equally well.
The 1906 Pope Waverley Victoria Phaeton and the 1907 Victor High Wheel Electric Runabout are to be sold by Historics at Brooklands in June, and while electric cars might be held as the future of private transport, they also have an important place in its past.
The American duo - the 1906 Pope Waverley Victoria Phaeton and the 1907 Victor High Wheel Electric Runabout - will go under the hammer next month and are bound to cause a sensation.
KUWAIT, April 23 (KUNA) -- Kuwait jet skier Abdullah Al-Fadhel the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Runabout Stock for professionals on Saturday.
Choosing a 'fashionable' little used runabout can often be a risk.