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a. A small motorboat.
b. A light aircraft.
c. A small, open automobile or carriage.
2. A vagabond or wanderer.


(ˈrʌnəˌbaʊt) or


1. (Automotive Engineering) a small car, esp one for use in a town
2. (Aeronautics) a light aircraft
3. (Nautical Terms) a light motorboat
4. a person who moves about constantly or busily
(intr, adverb) to move busily from place to place


(ˈrʌn əˌbaʊt)

1. a small, light automobile with an open top; roadster.
2. a small pleasure motorboat.
3. a person who roves around from place to place.
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Noun1.runabout - an open automobile having a front seat and a rumble seatrunabout - an open automobile having a front seat and a rumble seat
auto, automobile, car, motorcar, machine - a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; "he needs a car to get to work"
rumble seat - a folding outside seat in the back of some early cars


[ˈrʌnəbaʊt] N
1. (Aut) → coche m pequeño
2. (Rail etc) → billete m kilométrico


[ˈrʌnəbaʊt] n
(= car) → cabriolet m
(US) (= boat) → canot m à moteur


[ˈrʌnəˌbaʊt] n (car) → utilitaria
References in classic literature ?
And it might be that in time to come there would be given to them little runabouts.
Men--Americans--driving along in buggies or runabouts looked at Saxon and Billy curiously.
And to the end of the day, Bob continued to be up to one trick or another; after passing a dozen automobiles on the way into Oakland, suddenly electing to go mad with fright at a most ordinary little runabout.
He had, however, taken the precaution to engage in advance a runabout with a pair of old livery-stable trotters that could still do their eighteen miles on level roads; and at two o'clock, hastily deserting the luncheon-table, he sprang into the light carriage and drove off.
The Company is the exclusive dealer in their area for one of the world's fastest growing manufacturers of family cruisers, sport boats and runabouts as well as several outstanding fishing boat lines.
Out back, the boot remains one of the smaller offerings in the segment, though the 185-litre total is still around 15-litres more than you get in rival Toyota Aygo and Vauxhall Adam models and almost on a par with other city runabouts like Citroen's C1 and Peugeot's 108.
He said the vehicles, also known as runabouts, are being bought from online sale sites by groups of young people.
This is certainly the case with the marked leap in theft of runabouts versus utility boats.
The Pearl-Qatar, home to Doha's most advanced marina, now houses the latest range of the sought-after Bayliner Runabouts, giving Qatar's boating enthusiasts more reason to get out and about on the water in style in 2012.
Tail Fins and Two-Tones: The Guide to America's Classic Fiberglass and Aluminum Runabouts begins with a lengthy overview of stylish American runabout boats, and then offers a meticulous listing of the hundreds of companies that made them.
uk dedicated to getting them a good cover deal on their racy runabouts.
Wooden runabouts, utilities, cruisers--even steam-powered launches--are becoming major attractions for boating enthusiasts.