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From the loser's bracket, the mentor battled his way and got his wish: a runback with Wong, who was sitting on a twice to beat advantage.
Pretty simple shots for the most part, other than his runback in [the fifth end]." He answered the unanswerable about how it felt: "Oh, I mean, it's hugely disappointing."
He'd give me the number of fingers I'd need for yardage, or just tell me - how long was the punt, how far was the runback. He'd have it to me immediately."
The in-flight deicing process is a conjugate mass and heat transfer phenomenon, which is very complex and consists of a variety of coupled processes such as the air-droplet flow, water film runback and phase transition, and multilayer solid heat conduction.
The sheep will also have a runback to an adjacent field to prevent them becoming too wet and dirty, and to offer extra grazing.
The Arkansas kick return team even got in the act when upback Ross Rasner stunned everybody in Cowboys Stadium with a 31-yard runback to open the game.
RETURNINGHEROES Howthe greatsf aredon their first runback as four-year-olds Brigadier Gerard The unbeaten 2,000 Guineas hero madehis returninthe Lockinge Stakes40 years ago, running outa workmanlike two-and-a-halflength winner.
To minimize damage to loads, regulators employ a rapid runback control scheme that bypasses the normal time delay and runs the regulators back down as quickly as possible.
This self-priming unit also has a programmable runback feature that ensures no-drip dispensing.