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A common flaw on side skirts are the unsightly bolts or rivets that hold them with the fender and running board. But Honda's reputation for impressive fit and finish kept the bolts of the side skirts almost unnoticed, giving an impression that the kit is an integral part of the running board.
In this photo, dated about 1928, four well-dressed children and a dog sit on the running board of a shiny car in front of Springfield High School, which at the time fronted Mill Street between D and E streets.
Running board meetings; how to get the most from them, 3d ed.
Steriline managing director John Fargher claimed that ``everybody got a fair hearing'' at a meeting where a sample of a modified, rubberised running board was examined and, according to Fargher, was deemed to be ``commendable''.
Other cost-cutting developments that won awards included the first commercial use of gas assist in compression molding, the longest blow molded running board produced to date, and the industry's first "ship-in-a-bottle" blow molded fuel tank.
Try the Chicago Marathon Program by Hal Higdon (, The Galloway Program by American Running Board Member Jeff Galloway (, or the New York Road Runners Club Program by American Running Association Editorial Board Members Bob and Shelly Glover (, click on "training schedules").
Despite the proliferation of new keyboard products--all designed to make data entry easier, faster and less painful (for those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome)--the keyboard soon may become as obsolete as the automobile running board. The threat comes from two emerging technologies: the electronic pen, which writes directly on a special computer pad, and sophisticated software that translates the human voice into computer commands, typed words and numbers.
In his first experiment, Ehret removedpups from the litters of 44 female mice and placed the youngsters along a running board that extended across a central nest.
He says that exactly what the material is is proprietary, but he does admit that it is not a nano-clay, which has been used in some automotive applications (e.g., the 2002 GMC Safari and Chevy Astro vans had a running board with a nano-talc material included in the TPO base; see:
The running board for the 2004 Chevrolet SSR pickup truck is also claimed to be the first paint-film decorated part formed in a female tool, according to thermoformer Durakon Industries of Lapeer, Mich.
The Judges' Award went to Composite Products, Inc., for its running board for the Ford Motor Company's F-250 and F-350 trucks.
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