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Noun1.running headline - a heading printed at the top of every page (or every other page) of a book
header, heading, head - a line of text serving to indicate what the passage below it is about; "the heading seemed to have little to do with the text"
running title - the title (or a shortened title) of a book used as a running head
book - a written work or composition that has been published (printed on pages bound together); "I am reading a good book on economics"
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They used a running headline across a number of pages entitled "Football in shock", while they elaborated on the reaction with: "A river of tears for Moro.
Among the very few exceptions to this rule is an apparent unease with the title of Nagy's contribution, which is listed on the back cover and abbreviated on the chapter's running headline incorrectly and the printing of 'Reed' for 'Rees' in note 1 on p.
Filling the bottom third is a running headline tickertape, the weather graphic and either sports scores or stock market news.
McChesney believes that the news produced by big conglomerates "is far from politically neutral or `objective,'" but seems here to be calling on the delineation of objectivity that equates to, "Objective news is whatever I agree with." He complains, for example, of "a virtual blackout of media coverage of the CIA," this in a year when CIA failures on the Chinese embassy and Sudan bombings, the India nuclear blast and other issues have been a running headline item.
Soon after news of his election broke, Turkish media were running headlines such as "Boris the Turk," "Ottoman grandson becomes prime minister," and "For England, a prime minister with roots in Cankiri," a province in central Turkey where Johnson's great-grandfather Ali Kemal Bey (Bey is a Turkish title used for bureaucrats and leaders in the Ottoman times) is from.