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That said doubt was expressed as to the sincerity of the PM in raising the matter, and that it was more about running interference in pursuit of the protection of the political future of Nawaz Sharif.
The president, after all, spent the first several months of his presidency running interference for Flynn pressuring the FBI director, James Comey, to drop his investigation into Flynn's Russia connections, and then firing him when he refused; urging Senate Republicans to end the Intelligence Committee's investigation; and asking top intelligence officials to deny the existence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and specifically to get Comey to lay off Flynn.
Since Liam (Scott Clifton) blackmailed his father about the Spectra fire and used the information to oust him from Spencer so he could take over, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) has been running interference on the CBS soap, hopeful she can repair her husband's relationship with Bill (Don Diamont) before it's too late.
The fun continues even after you've arrived, since many state and local governments are also running interference.
So while lukewarmers may fancy ourselves serious interlocutors for liberals, we're actually just running interference on behalf of know-nothing and do-nothingism, attacking flawed policies on behalf of a Republican Party that will never, ever advance any policies of its own.
Generally speaking, the function of Hariri and what is known as "the Lebanese government" in the power configuration in Lebanon is confined to this sort of activity, which could be summarized as running interference for and mopping up after Hezbollah, the real authority in the country.
Great for house moves, party planning and running interference on cold callers.