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The 2l Engine SUV has features like Daytime Running Light, Smart Key, Sport Shift Gear Switch and Alloy Wheels.
Welding daytime running light housings is tricky because of their asymmetrical shape, but one supplier found a solution, using ultrasonic welding.
Global Banking News-30 November 2009-Hella presents a world premiere: the first LED daytime running light for flexible installation; With the LEDayFlex Hella is setting new standards in both traffic safety and design(C)2009 ENPublishing -
THE EUROPEAN Commission has decided to introduce dedicated Daytime Running Light (DRL) on all new types of motor vehicles from the year 2011 onwards.
The Spaniard and his Renault team-mate, Jarno Trulli, filled the front row after running light fuel loads.
"This line is an integral part of all our designs, along with the daytime running light signature that we will further emphasise on future vehicles."
WE DIDN'T ask for motorcycl;e headlights to be on all the time (ECHO letters, Sep 10) but have had this foisted on us by the EU Daylight Running Light directive.
When the driver switches the normal vehicle lights on at dusk, the daytime running light, which is designed to be seen and not for illuminating the roadway, switches off automatically.
Twilight and daytime running light sensor versions available.
For example, the front lamps on the Iosis have an inner, circular turning LED for low beam with a vertical day time running light, separating it from the turn signal on the outer edge and beneath all of that are ten main beam LEDs, emerging when lit from tubes like a series of lasers.