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Noun1.running suit - a matching jacket and pants worn by joggers and made of fabric that absorbs perspirationrunning suit - a matching jacket and pants worn by joggers and made of fabric that absorbs perspiration
activewear, athletic wear, sportswear - attire worn for sport or for casual wear
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Amputee Terry Nelson developed a revolutionary aqua running suit that has helped stars including Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka back onto the pitch, miles ahead of schedule.
Alina's blue polyester Reebok running suit is a discordant element in the pattern of black-clad nuns she derisively calls crows.
I was soaked through my winter running suit and truly miserable.
I recently left a card on a car driven by a fifty-ish man wearing sneakers and a running suit. He jumped out of his vehicle, walked perfectly, and obviously had no sense of shame.
The running suit now has a "loose fit" for both men and women that allows more comfort and flexibility, while avoiding a baggy appearance.
Helen Guillette Vassallo answered her front door wearing a lavender running suit and offered to make a cup of tea before we sat down in her kitchen to chat.
She will also be sporting her regular full-length running suit, which leaves only her hands and face exposed.
Lennon and Yoko Ono wore matching versions of the running suit at a photocall in 1970 to show they had cut off their long hair.
Sergeant Dean said the running suit costs about $100, and the shorts and shirt about $25.
I can't even remember who told me about the doll that they had, with the blond hair and the running suit, but it was male.
When Freeman finally emerged, dressed from head to toe in a white running suit, the partisan crowd roared its approval.
In fact, I've missed so much training I was surprised I could even fit into my running suit."