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1. The act or an instance of fleeing so as to evade undesirable consequences.
2. The area where one curved surface merges with another: a snowy runout at the bottom of the ski slope.
3. The act or an instance of expiring or having expired: the runout of an executive contract.
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Tight radius tolerances of [+ or -] 0.005 m on the tool reduce runout virtually to zero, increasing output and contributing to lower cost per part.
Ford came off the bench on Friday for his last home-turf runout after more than a decade.
One batch had maximum detectable runout, the other had minimum runout.
The product can be used for radial internal and external sealing, and can even tolerate strong shaft runout.
Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has succeeded in developing a new seal that reliably prevents leaks from the grease-lubricated main bearings used in conjunction with these shafts while tolerating strong shaft runout.
Totally unaware of the situation, Azhar Ali was shocked over the runout and looked at the umpire, who also signalled an out" at him.
United boss Csaba Laszlo said: "I have to take into consideration this was our first runout. But we finished strongly and could have had more goals."
Maroof had three wickets, while Sandhu, who finished with economical figures of 10-3-19-1, also chipped in with a runout.
The design of these rockfall mitigations is based on the trajectory of rockfall movement including bounce height, runout distance, kinetic energy, and lateral dispersion.
The Groove Smooth is located on the outside of the Chambered Reference and is used to identify the cylindrical runout of the re-sized brass and the trueness of the extractor groove, and also to ensure the groove is free of any defects or obstructions.
World XI main batting hope, Amla (21) was runout, forcing four fours in 12 balls, and with his departure Pak bowlers seemed in control and felt the fragrance of victory in the air.