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n. pl. rupiah
See Table at currency.

[Hindi rupayā, rupiyā; see rupee.]


n, pl -ah or -ahs
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Indonesia, divided into 100 sen
[from Hindi: rupee]


(ruˈpi ə)

n., pl. -ah, -ahs.
the basic monetary unit of Indonesia.
[1945–50; see rupee]
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Noun1.rupiah - the basic unit of money in Indonesia; equal to 100 sen
sen - a fractional monetary unit of Japan and Indonesia and Cambodia; equal to one hundredth of a yen or rupiah or riel
Indonesian monetary unit - monetary unit in Indonesia
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The transaction is the first such bond issue from a multilateral development bank of which Indonesia is a shareholder, and the first occasion for a multilateral development bank to raise Indonesian rupiah funding to support local currency loans in the same currency.
The Rupiah continued to appreciate in the third quarter, on positive domestic and external sentiment, before halting in November, following the US election.
9 percent increase in FDI which amounted to 266 trillion rupiah (about 19.
Therefore, it is better for us to have direct transactions in rupiah and yuan (Renminbi/ RMB)," Minister for State Enterprises Rini Sumarmo told Antara news agency here Wednesday night.
The Bank of Indonesia (BI) had recently imposed a regulation prohibiting the use of foreign currencies in domestic transactions in Indonesia in an effort to stabilise the Rupiah and reduce the country's reliance on foreign currencies.
Indonesian fuel prices, among the cheapest in the world, were raised by 2,000 rupiah ($0.
8% compared with the growth of operating profit, caused mainly by rupiah depreciation.
A weak rupiah, declining commodity prices and uncertainty over mineral export policies all took a toll on foreign investor confidence.
Taiwan's dollar and the Indonesian rupiah are forecast to lead a recovery in Asian currencies next year as attention shifts to the region's growth potential and away from the reduction in US monetary stimulus.
Jakarta: Indonesia's economy grew at its slowest in nearly four years in the third quarter, as weak exports risk leaving its trade balance in deficit and the rupiah vulnerable to further falls.
is priced from 99 million rupiah, or about 850,000 yen, to 120 million rupiah, or about 1.
JAKARTA -- Indonesia's central bank has moved to shore up its rupiah currency after it hit a four-year low, as foreign investors exit emerging markets due to expectations that huge stimulus schemes in the developed world will soon end.