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1. An instance of breaking open or bursting: a rupture in the fuel line.
2. A break in friendly relations.
3. Medicine
a. A hernia, especially of the groin or intestines.
b. A tear in an organ or tissue: rupture of an appendix; ligament rupture.
v. rup·tured, rup·tur·ing, rup·tures
To cause to undergo or suffer a rupture: The accident ruptured his spleen.
To undergo or suffer a rupture: The blister ruptured. Their friendship ruptured.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin ruptūra, from ruptus, past participle of rumpere, to break; see reup- in Indo-European roots.]

rup′tur·a·ble adj.
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adj tank, pipegeplatzt; (Med) organ, tendongerissen; blood vesselgeplatzt
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In attempting to express his gratification, the Chief of Police thrust out his right hand with such violence that his skin was ruptured at the arm-pit and a stream of sawdust poured from the wound.
If ever I have played dice with the Gods at the divine table of the earth, so that the earth quaked and ruptured, and snorted forth fire-streams:--
I hold it to be the wondrously thin, ruptured membranes of the case, coalescing.
I didn't laugh -- I am always thankful for that -- but the strain ruptured every cartilage in me, and for weeks afterward I could hear my bones clack when I walked.
Some of the smaller veins had doubtless been ruptured. Running out to the end of a branch, Lop-Ear gathered a handful of green leaves.
Table 1 shows the mean LOS for ruptured and non-ruptured appendicitis for both of these databases.
When a clot forms on a ruptured plaque, the supply of blood and oxygen--could be completely choked off.
Silicone gel breast implants had ruptured in over two-thirds of the women who participated in a recent study by the U.S.
The results of a metaanalysis of studies involving more than 4,700 mother-infant pairs confirm findings from previous, smaller studies suggesting a link between ruptured membranes and vertical transmission of HIV, Dr.
Surgery may be needed to treat a serious problem with the implant, or to remove a ruptured implant and, if desired, replace it.
Here, the plane of failure is parallel to the planes of springback rupture, and, because the stress is tensile, failure easily occurs through the ruptured areas (Fig.
We observed in the calcification inside of the tendon especially in the distal side of the ruptured tendon perioperatively.