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1. One who resides in a rural area.
2. An advocate of rural life.
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Noun1.ruralist - an advocate of rural living
advocate, advocator, exponent, proponent - a person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea
2.ruralist - a man who lives in the country and has country ways
rustic - an unsophisticated country person
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(The craze, which tapped into larger currents of an emergent ruralist national identity, was, after all, largely fed by the mass production of instruments and materials on the continent.) George Biddlecombe examines oil paintings and commercial prints of Jenny Lind, the "Swedish Nightingale," and shows how her idealized domestic image in those sources helped deflect negative stereotypes of her as a prima donna.
Part II, The Exile, deals with the journeys made by the Wilder family and Laura to Florida, back to De Smet, and then to Missouri, where Laura began to write her column As a Farm Woman Thinks in Mansfield, for "The Missouri Ruralist." Laura's author daughter, Rose, repeatedly encouraged her to write for newspapers to gain income.
One example is surprising: the house built for himself in Cornwall by the now notorious Ruralist painter and historian of photography, Graham Ovenden, working with the architect Martin Johnson.
In 1911, Ingalls Wilder's writing career began with an article in the Missouri Ruralist. She was then given her regular column in the magazine.
He was promoted to assistant director of Extension in 1919, but left for Atlanta later that year when he was offered the position of editor-in-chief of the Southern Ruralist. This was a boom time for agricultural journalism, with four other strong regional papers being published at the same time: Progressive Farmer (Raleigh), Southern Agriculturist (Nashville), Southern Planter (Richmond), and Southern Cultivator (also Atlanta).
A situation in which these agents, among other forms of identification and performance in Brazilian politics, can be recognized in the ruralist group, (2) where subjects occupy an apparently neutral position but are directly linked to the agricultural activities or are favored by groups linked to them.
connect small villages to biggest ones and improve life standard of ruralist.
Down - 1 Venomous; 2 Come down; 3 Ruralist; 4 Gather; 6 Recoil; 7 Stuntman; 8 Lollipop; 9 Red alert; 13 Rain-cloud; 14 Multitude; 17 Eject; 18 Found; 20 Upheaval; 21 Adjutant; 22 Snapping; 23 Guardian; 24 Strategy; 25 Arrested; 28 Sexist; 29 Encamp.
The powerful "ruralist block" (representatives of large landholders in the National Congress) is working to do just that.
(9) Loucks was also editor of the agrarian reform newspaper, The Ruralist, and in this role promoted the initiative and referendum as an essential way of achieving economic reforms advocated by the Farmers' Alliance Movement and aimed at controlling the political power of railroads and eastern monopolies.
(17) On Webb and Young, and their endorsement by 'ruralist' Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, see David Cannadine, In Churchill's Shadow: Confronting the Past in Modern Britain (London, Allen Lane The Penguin Press, 2002), ch.
Piotr Oreshin, also a ruralist poet, was shot in 1937 for antisocial activity.