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n. pl. ru·ral·i·ties
1. The state or quality of being rural.
2. A rural trait or characteristic.
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Noun1.rurality - a rural characteristic or trait; "a place with the rurality of a turnip field"
trait - a distinguishing feature of your personal nature
characteristic - a distinguishing quality
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EE further recommended that the equal share formula take into consideration the factors contributing to the high cost of rural education, which is influenced by historic underfunding of former homelands, infrastructural disadvantages and poverty linked to rurality, among other things.
The rurality of North Tyneside has taken a real battering over my lifetime and the Unitary plan only safeguards our remaining green areas for another 14 years.
And there is no longer the familiar constant of a church's neighborhood--the rundown, shaggier part of town where our church shared a parking lot with a garage that later became a motorcycle gang's clubhouse; the cozier, tree-shaded suburban location of the second, where a local school provided a little extra parking for those who were running late; or the pleasant, open-spaced rurality of the building my parents still attend faithfully.
Again, Berg uses contrasting individual experiences, this time in navigating the migration bureaucracies, to highlight how race, rurality, and social class interact with these technocracies of power to determine individual Peruvians' possibilities of achieving their dreams of migration.
Marcia Vale, the campaign's coordinator, said rurality presented additional challenges for people affected by dementia.
Alzheimer's Society Cymru director Sue Phelps said: "Research is desperately needed to best understand what the issues surrounding rurality are and the extent of the problem to enable us to plan and deliver effective information, support and services that are accessible and responsive to the needs of on people affected by dementia in rural Wales.
Poisson regression was used to model rate ratios stratified by age, sex, rurality, and transportation type, as well as rate ratios per licensed driver, vehicles registered and miles travelled.
All energy-impacted communities will not experience the outcomes related to extreme isolation and rurality in the boomtown literature.
This paper relies on these data to conceptualise Africa's global rurality and issues around access to basic education in Nigeria--as a situation where systemic infrastructure deficit and socio-economic issues constrain access to the delivery of a decent basic education to the populace.
Minnesota and North Dakota are rapidly aging states that face unique needs because of the rurality of our region.
Also following BENGS & SCHMIDT-THOME (2006) in statistical approaches for rural definition, one must consider the rurality index method.