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n. pl. ru·ral·i·ties
1. The state or quality of being rural.
2. A rural trait or characteristic.
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Noun1.rurality - a rural characteristic or trait; "a place with the rurality of a turnip field"
trait - a distinguishing feature of your personal nature
characteristic - a distinguishing quality
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Her lawyer said: "This is a fight for the defence of rurality. I think it is a fight that is legitimate and right."
"Rurality, distance, demand and factors such as adverse weather do affect our ability to respond quickly in some cases," he said.
The Rev Kenneth Chippendale, Shropshire Councillor Nic Laurens and Lois Dale, rurality and equalities specialist at Shropshire Council, were also invited to the private viewing.
The DWP was branded "heartless" for shutting Moray's only centre, with local representatives accusing officials of not considering the rurality of the area.
NOT A CRIMINOLOGY that applies the well-worn approaches to theory and method that characterize and constitute criminology writ large to rural issues, spaces, and people (see Donnermeyer & DeKeseredy 2013), but a criminology that takes rurality as more than a site of opportunistic analysis?
Committee chairman Andy Ferguson, said: "There are a variety of inter-connected factors that cause poverty, such as employment, income, health, accommodation, rurality, access to services, and isolation.
Mr Docherty said this was because of the rurality of the area.
She connects research and theory to practice as she discusses the current state of education, the global environment, and the multilingual characteristics and needs of families and students; a strengths-based approach to family engagement; differentiated family engagement as a way for educators to work with families, focusing on the five principles; learning about the needs of these families and their children; actions educators can take; aspects of immigration, poverty, and rurality Latino families and children face; the role of community agencies; and new directions for 21st-century multilingual family engagement.
Apart from adding unique empirical findings to the field of study, my research highlights the important and powerful role of language as it is used to frame, define and describe rurality and First Nations education.
When asked if the GERS were a persuasive argument for the UK union, first minister Nicola Sturgeon replied "No", saying: "There are very good reasons why public spending per head in Scotland is higher than it is for the UK, not least the rurality of our population.
Emily Skidmore's attention to rurality brings a new twist to the history of sexology.