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1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of the country.
2. Of or relating to people who live in the country: rural households.
3. Of or relating to farming; agricultural.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin rūrālis, from rūs, rūr-, country; see reuə- in Indo-European roots.]

ru′ral·ly adv.
Synonyms: rural, bucolic, rustic, pastoral
These adjectives all mean of or typical of the country as distinguished from the city. Rural applies to sparsely settled or agricultural country: "I do love quiet, rural England" (George Meredith).
Bucolic is often used pejoratively or facetiously of country people or their manners: "The keenest of bucolic minds felt a whispering awe at the sight of the gentry" (George Eliot).
Rustic frequently suggests a lack of sophistication or elegance, but it may also connote artless and pleasing simplicity: "some rustic phrases which I had learned at the farmer's house" (Jonathan Swift).
The hiker slept in a charming, rustic cottage. Pastoral, which evokes the image of shepherds, sheep, and verdant countryside, suggests serenity: The train passed through pastoral landscapes.
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Adv.1.rurally - in a rural manner
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Her life was rurally simple, quite free from secrets either foul, dangerous, or otherwise important, and not consciously affected by the great affairs of the world.
niamunna1 We have tickets and cannot attend the show because we live rurally and are totally snowed in.
The North East as a whole is well-known for its excellent hotel provision and highly-rated restaurants, with many situated rurally, and the economic benefit they generate is significant for the communities in which they operate.
Bilsen pointed out that Azerbaijan's government recognizes the agriculture sector as key to ensuring food security, and providing jobs and income for about 40 percent of the population who live rurally, adding that the sector can also play a key role in boosting non-oil growth.
The charity relies heavily on volunteers and takes the elderly, the disabled, those who find it difficult or unable to use public transport and those who are rurally isolated out and about.
Islamic digital corporate banking offers accessibility and convenience for all, particularly for those businesses based rurally.
It claimed the training and recruitment of medical staff is at crisis point in many parts of Wales, particularly in rural and north Wales, and that a rurally based medical school is a vital part of an all-Wales approach to tackling the problem.
Rurally registered people often own shares in local enterprises and development schemes that a migrant's registration transfer to the city would threaten.
Tenders are invited for wexford county council provides a vital mobile library service to rurally isolated areas, serving over 50 community stops.
5% had been a victim or witness to cyber crime and only half of victims reported it; | a third of 16 to 24-year-olds feel unsafe compared with 21% of those aged 65 and over, while people living rurally or in the suburbs generally feel more secure than those in cities; | overall, those surveyed were twice as likely to "speak positively" about the police in their neighbourhood than to "express negative views", yet the majority have no opinion or mixed attitudes; | ratings of police "trail most other local public services" like fire and rescue teams and schools; | nationally, 62% do not think crime and antisocial behaviour is much of an issue while a quarter think it is a "big problem" in their area.
Lorna, 43, explained: "We've owned houses in the past but we'd always wanted to live very rurally and could never find anything in our price range in the area we wanted to live in so we decided to rent.
But he said visiting Kirkby and Huyton became "a bit of a frightening prospect" when he was living in Knowsley Village: "It was a big, massive new housing development and for us rurally raised kids who lived in this very small community, we were rather self-contained, so going to Kirkby or Huyton you were slightly wary.