rush at

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w>rush at

vi +prep obj
(lit)losstürzen auf (+acc), → sich stürzen auf (+acc)
(fig) he tends to rush at thingser neigt dazu, die Dinge überstürzt zu machen
References in classic literature ?
They are all edging forwards, inch by inch, to get nearer for the rush at Crab Jones, who stands there in front of old Brooke to catch the ball.
If we can't do it in person, we will do it in products -- this is an ideal chance for us to showcase BeneFit Cosmetics through the Gold Rush at every San Francisco Forty Niners' home game.
By having local Graham Webb salons provide beauty care to the Gold Rush at every Forty Niners' home game, the salons have the opportunity to provide their creativity and expertise in a whole new forum, as well as highlight the latest Graham Webb International products.