rush away

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Verb1.rush away - depart in a hurry
go forth, leave, go away - go away from a place; "At what time does your train leave?"; "She didn't leave until midnight"; "The ship leaves at midnight"
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Tom was almost ready to rush away, with that impatience of painful emotion which makes one of the differences between youth and maiden, man and woman.
Tom said nothing; he was still struggling against his inclination to rush away. His father remained quiet a minute or two, but his mind did not seem to be wandering again.
He tried to rush away from the horrible place; even the baleful green light, thrown up through the gloomy well-shaft, was dying away as its source sank deeper into the primeval ooze.
Energetic natures, strong for all strenuous deeds, will often rush away from a hopeless sufferer, as if they were hard-hearted.
He knew the prod of impulse to join in this rush away from some unthinkably catastrophic event that impended and that stirred his intuitive apprehensions of death.
"I think that it is hateful of them all to rush away, and I made up my mind to say goodbye however angry it made them.
Sometimes he would even rush away to his room before school hours were over, and sit there for days over his books, of which he had a store that was both rare and valuable.
"But there is never an excuse for drivers to simply rush away from the scene, leaving the cats in pain, alone and scared.
The three drivers were seen jumping inside a taxi to rush away from the scene.
The rush away from Online Classifieds is being driven by participants who want to know the true identity of who is selling an item and the fact that those sites have been overrun with business ads and spammers.
The ploughman who scored the most points towards winning The Journal Salver, contributed by this newspaper, was Donald Walker from Crook, Donald had to rush away before the results were announced because he had a herd of dairy cows waiting to be milked.
Just as Labour stalwarts who did not rush away from the party to join the SDP enjoyed a rare season in step with the zeitgeist during the Cool Britannia era, the men and women who came to Glasgow this week to cheer Nick Clegg may well one day see their party back in fashion as an alternative to Labour and the Conservatives.