rush down


w>rush down

vi (person)hinuntereilen; (very fast, also water etc) → hinunterstürzen
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Yonder where the storms rush down into the sea, and the snout of the mountain drinketh water, shall each on a time have his day and night watches, for HIS testing and recognition.
The warriors fairly tumbled over one another in their efforts to escape the fatal poison of that awful egg, and those who could not rush down the winding stair fell off the balcony into the great cavern beneath, knocking over those who stood below them.
The indunas run; they whisper to Menziwa the general and to the captains; then two regiments rush down the hill, two more run to the right, and yet another two to the left.
But when her mother tells her a cousin Lydia didn't know she had is in jail in Clarksdale, Mississippi, and that Lydia has to rush down south and get him out, Lydia finds herself rolling down Highway 61 with Bill Smith, her partner, behind the wheel.
'I also failed to [secure] our personal items at home because we were told to rush down.'
The problem was that I was at the NEC meeting yesterday where the decision was made and I just have to rush down and I just get back to the office.
Despite McCormack's goal rush Down Under, Bruce didn't bring him back into the first-team fold at Bodymoor Heath upon his return to the UK in January.
People had to follow clues on social media channels and ITV to find out where the presenter was going to be and then rush down to the Sage.
They rush down to hide in a safe spot usually a nearby cave within a certain time period.
They rush down to hide in a safe spot - usually a nearby cave - within a certain time period.
Giash will offer madras, masala, jalfrezi or bhuna specials to the first 1,000 season ticket holders who rush down to the Spice Bazzar if Wes Morgan lifts the Premier League trophy.
With his permission, they voluntarily come out of the men and enter a herd of swine -- to their own destruction, for the swine rush down the steep bank into the sea and drown.