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Adj.1.rust-brown - of the brown color of rust
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Pathologic examination reveals characteristic rust-brown discoloration of the globus pallidus and substantia nigra pars reticularis due to underlying iron deposition and a reduction in the size of these nuclei.
It is built out of wood, with an exterior made out of sheet metal that will eventually turn rust-brown and blend in even further with the pine-tree forest.
The bluing has turned that rust-brown color and the stock shows some use, but the gun seems to be in good shape.
The inner edge of the southeast wing is clearly defined and has a unique rust-brown color.
They are water soluble, acidic and rust-brown in color that gives the richness to tea taste.
Much of it, from the opening scene in the giggle-inducing Inn of the Prancing Pony to our climactic view of Smaug the dragon's stupendous hoard of treasure, is shot in a rust-brown colour scheme that's vaguely depressing (the New Zealand landscapes lift the spirit occasionally, but only occasionally).
Baljit Singh is described as an Asian, 5ft 8ins, and slim build with short straight black hair with brown eyes; at the time of his disappearance it's believed he was wearing a navy blue jumper with a Coca Cola logo, rust-brown coloured chino trousers and white Reebok trainers.
Despite new car fashions, where green, rust-brown and terracotta mix it with shades of grey, about 25 per cent of Volvo Cars' models are black - even though customers have 15 different colours to choose between for each model.
The rooms are spartan: a rotary telephone, bunk beds, a rust-brown couch--and walls adorned with photos of former East German Communist Party leader Erich Honecker.