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Adj.1.rust-free - free of rustrust-free - free of rust        
rustless - without rust
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The incredible looking360 igloo dome structuresare perfect for the temperamental British weather as the multi-functional design is made of rust-free vinyl and weather proof PVC so will keep you dry and cosy when it's chillier or cool and comfortable (thanks to clever ventilation) in the heat.
Secondly, I suspect that because modern cars are so reliable and rust-free these days, many people are choosing to stick with their Mk6 Golf and deciding not to trade up to a Mk7.
These are useful for the storage of water, tea, coffee, juice, and other beverages, and are made from the highest quality of rust-free stainless steel with a scratch resistant coating.
The Type 14 still represents good value as a classic car investment, with good examples - many of them left-hand drive models imported from the rust-free climes of California - selling for anywhere between PS10,000-PS20,000.
Along with some mild weather and a little elbow grease, a rust-free backyard is just a few tools and simple steps away.
LAHORE -- Surprise visits would be carried out to ice-making factories twice a month to check cleanliness arrangements and if all the tools and machinery are rust-free, according to sources at the Punjab Food Authority (PFA).
To avoid tetanus, the penitents were told to make sure that the whips or nails they shall be using are rust-free and are sterilized with alcohol, while also having injected with anti-tetanus serum (ATS).
Chilled iron abrasive held in a four-tonne silo with twin outlets is used to provide a high-quality surface that is regular, clean and rust-free in order to optimise the long-term performance of the final paint finish.
"We have distributed 2,748 bags of rust-free wheat seeds among 1,475 farmers after balloting," he said adding that 36 laser-leveller units were also provided on subsidised rates to farmers.
Once the critical spares are rust-free, an extensive range of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI[R]) rust preventives, foams, emitters, additives and films allow the cost-efficient preservation of equipment--whether on indoor racks or in open outdoor yards.
The WS2320-HD vacuum's modular housing is also fully grounded and sealed for dust-free operation, and made from a dent and rust-free compression cast composite housing that is guaranteed for life.