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Adj.1.rust-red - of a red color tinged with rust
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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When she got fairly into the garden she saw that he probably did intend to stay because he had alighted on a dwarf apple-tree and under the apple-tree was lying a little reddish animal with a Bushy tail, and both of them were watching the stooping body and rust-red head of Dickon, who was kneeling on the grass working hard.
A bowl of jjamppong is ginormous, a vat of rust-red broth loaded with thick, chewy noodles, zucchini, onions, carrots, cabbage and a magnanimous helping of mussels, shrimp and squid.
Puyat, since becoming part of the Department of Agriculture, has been going to the Cordilleras, where she has gotten well acquainted with indigenous varieties such as Chong Ak, a plump, rust-red and seed-coated variety.
And while the rust-red hues and expanse of a desert evokes a wild aliveness in one person, that same landscape might evoke fear of snakebite and scorpions in another.
The rust-red lobster tail yielded fresh, mild meat which was firm but not coarse, while the scallops were soft and almost sweet, pairing nicely with the tagliatelle.
He was a shimmering white with rust-red spots like a Dalmatian, and he smelled of sunshine and fresh hay.
The complex stands on the edge of a gritty, flat, rust-red desert, with the snow-clad Atlas mountains towering to the North.
THE One has launched its spring 'Rustic Living' collection featuring a cosy, lived-in look, which blends rich, rust-red Marsala (Pantone's colour of the year) with mixed metals, nailing two of 2015's hottest interior trends.
A more rational explanation is that our planet's atmosphere scatters the sun's red light, which reflects off the moon, giving it a rust-red colour.
Its large, white petals flare out into trumpets, from whose frilly throats poke groups of rust-red anthers and single tear-capped stigmas.
As you enter the rust-red door, a few guys you saw the last time you visited sit at the bar talking with the owner or one of the bartenders.
For more than 50 years, men from the Mission have gathered old newspapers and magazines from hundreds of rust-red wooden boxes around Eugene-Springfield and Lane County.