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v. rus·ti·cat·ed, rus·ti·cat·ing, rus·ti·cates
To go to or live in the country.
1. To send to the country.
2. Chiefly British To suspend (a student) from a university.
3. To cut or shape (masonry blocks) with deep-set joints and a rough-hewn face.

[Latin rūsticārī, rūsticāt-, from rūsticus, rustic; see rustic.]

rus′ti·ca′tion n.
rus′ti·ca′tor n.
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He had purchased the post of lieutenant of dragoons, and afterwards came to be a captain; but having quarrelled with his colonel, was by his interest obliged to sell; from which time he had entirely rusticated himself, had betaken himself to studying the Scriptures, and was not a little suspected of an inclination to methodism.
James, then a hobbadehoy, was now become a young man, having had the benefits of a university education, and acquired the inestimable polish which is gained by living in a fast set at a small college, and contracting debts, and being rusticated, and being plucked.
Why, only last term, just before I was rusticated, that is, I mean just before I had the measles, ha, ha--there was me and Ringwood of Christchurch, Bob Ringwood, Lord Cinqbars' son, having our beer at the Bell at Blenheim, when the Banbury bargeman offered to fight either of us for a bowl of punch.
You see he has just rusticated long enough to excite curiosity, and not long enough for men to have forgotten that deuced unpleasant--by-the-bye--you know the rights of the affair, of course?
Thus, 3 students have been rusticated and the results of 6 candidates have been cancelled and they will face term lapsed.
Therefore it is not surprising, presently, one lady is a minister in the federal government though she was rusticated in the plus two examinations in Waling when she was caught red-handed while cheating.
They also demanded quashing FIRs against the students and restoring the rusticated students and evening classes [students] should be given 50 per cent concession in fee.
Subsequently, a student was rusticated for carrying chits in the examination hall.
Many of them were suspended, expelled, rusticated and asked by authorities to head for home.
Gurugram: A Kashmiri medical student was on Tuesday rusticated from the SGT University here for posting alleged "objectionable" comments on the February 14 Pulwama attack that hurt her co-students' sentiments, a varsity official said.
The route from bustling Newcastle into the rusticated Forth area was along the one-time tree-lined Forth Lane, then described as "the most convenient and delightful promenade in the vicinity of the town".
help any ticket-dodger, otherwise they would be rusticated