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v. rus·ti·cat·ed, rus·ti·cat·ing, rus·ti·cates
To go to or live in the country.
1. To send to the country.
2. Chiefly British To suspend (a student) from a university.
3. To cut or shape (masonry blocks) with deep-set joints and a rough-hewn face.

[Latin rūsticārī, rūsticāt-, from rūsticus, rustic; see rustic.]

rus′ti·ca′tion n.
rus′ti·ca′tor n.


(Architecture) (in New Zealand) a wide type of weatherboarding used in older houses
ˈrustiˌcated adj
References in classic literature ?
I always go South for the spring vacation, traveling by sea to Old Point Comfort, and rusticating in some quiet spot near by.
Then came Varia and Ptitsin, who were rusticating in the neighbourhood.
Details said, hostel provost Nighat Shakoor taking action against girls have started rusticating the students from hostel by using force ignoring the intensity of cold weather.