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adj. rust·i·er, rust·i·est
1. Covered with rust; corroded.
2. Consisting of or produced by rust.
3. Of a yellowish-red or brownish-red color.
4. Working or operating stiffly or incorrectly because of or as if because of rust.
5. Weakened or impaired by neglect, disuse, or lack of practice.

rust′i·ly adv.
rust′i·ness n.
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كالصَّدأ، ضَعيفا
paslı bir şekilde


(rast) noun
the reddish-brown substance which forms on iron and steel, caused by air and moisture. The car was covered with rust.
to (cause to) become covered with rust. The rain has rusted the gate; There's a lot of old metal rusting in the garden.
ˈrustproof adjective
that will not (allow) rust. rustproof paint.
ˈrusty adjective
1. covered with rust. a rusty old bicycle.
2. not as good as it was because of lack of practice. My French is rusty.
ˈrustily adverb
ˈrustiness noun
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References in classic literature ?
Some of the windows had been walled up; of those that remained, all the lower were rustily barred.
Rustily drest, with his spectacles in his hand, and their very case worn threadbare.
For whereas, on the one hand, he has no attendant to slap him soundingly and require him in gruff accents to come up and come over, still, on the other hand, he has no attendant at all; and the mild gentleman's finger-joints and other joints working rustily in the morning, he could deem it agreeable even to be tied up by the countenance at his chamber-door, so he were there skilfully rubbed down and slushed and sluiced and polished and clothed, while himself taking merely a passive part in these trying transactions.