rustle up

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rustle up

vb (tr, adverb)
1. to prepare (a meal, snack, etc) rapidly, esp at short notice
2. to forage for and obtain
يُحَضِّر بِسُرْعَه
rychle si připravit/opatřit
tína saman/til
aceleyle hazırlamak

w>rustle up

vt sep (inf) mealimprovisieren (inf); moneyauftreiben; can you rustle up a cup of coffee?können Sie eine Tasse Kaffee beschaffen?


(ˈrasl) verb
1. to (make something) make a soft, whispering sound. The wind rustled in the trees; She rustled her papers.
2. (American) to steal (cattle etc).
ˈrustler noun
(American) a person who steals cattle etc.
rustle up
to get or make quickly. He rustled up a meal.
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It might all look like another travel show, but there are plenty of recipe ideas you can rustle up with just a basket full of supermarket super food.
RUSTLE UP SOUNDS AFTER a busy day, the rustling of leaves can create an air of tranquillity.
RUSTLE UP SOUNDS Tall grasses like miscanthus and greater quaking grass make a lovely rustling sound, as do fine-leaved trees like birch and robinia.
30 Gok's Lunchbox A recruitment manager, a dog groomer and a home cook rustle up pork dishes.
Kids learn about where food comes from as well as how to rustle up something tasty.
They'll need to rustle up something more exciting than a railway mushroom slice in a paper bag.