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Incapable of rusting.

rust′proof′ v.


(ˈrʌstˌpruːf) or


(Building) treated against rusting



not subject to rusting.
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Adj.1.rustproof - treated against rusting
rustless - without rust
لا يَصْدأ، مُقاوِم للصَّدأ


A. ADJinoxidable
B. VTtratar contra la corrosión


[ˈrʌstpruːf] adjinoxydable


[ˈrʌstˌpruːf] rust-resistant [ˈrʌstrɪˌzɪstnt] adjinattaccabile dalla ruggine


(rast) noun
the reddish-brown substance which forms on iron and steel, caused by air and moisture. The car was covered with rust.
to (cause to) become covered with rust. The rain has rusted the gate; There's a lot of old metal rusting in the garden.
ˈrustproof adjective
that will not (allow) rust. rustproof paint.
ˈrusty adjective
1. covered with rust. a rusty old bicycle.
2. not as good as it was because of lack of practice. My French is rusty.
ˈrustily adverb
ˈrustiness noun
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It's sort of an '86 action with rustproof metal and a good aperture sight, and at close range its .
The Land Rover's distinctive bodies were lightweight and rustproof, and designed to be field-serviced, giving the vehicles a reputation for longevity in tough conditions.
If I needed any more proof, I then found this: 'Decision fatigue helps explain why ordinarily sensible people get angry at colleagues and families, splurge on clothes, buy junk food at the supermarket and can't resist the dealer's offer to rustproof their new car'.
The rustproof and powder-coated mild steel units are designed to withstand the elements and are available in standard colors, including red, blue, white, grey, green, yellow, and beige, with custom color options also available.
The company's modernized take on the classic structure features weather-proof benches, hatches that hide electricity sockets, rustproof rocking chairs, a fireplace, indoor, cafeteria, wood canopies and an outdoor Wi-Fi network, The Verge reports.
The main shaft is constructed using rustproof fibreglass and the aluminium telescopic pole is strong and durable.
It bends in the middle and whilst a problem at airport security, is at least rustproof.
It bends in the middle and while a problem at airport security is at least rustproof.
The used wood should be sandalwood or similar, and that the blade should be made of rustproof steel and the used leather could be genuine or non-genuine (optional).
Service technicians were instructed to inspect the degree of existing corrosion and either rustproof or replace the components
Features include seam-sealed waterproof construction; waterproof gusset tongue; moisture-wicking fleece lining; rustproof D-Ring Lacing System; and PEAK synthetic rubber outsole.