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Incapable of rusting.

rust′proof′ v.


(ˈrʌstˌpruːf) or


(Building) treated against rusting



not subject to rusting.
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Adj.1.rustproof - treated against rusting
rustless - without rust
لا يَصْدأ، مُقاوِم للصَّدأ


A. ADJinoxidable
B. VTtratar contra la corrosión


[ˈrʌstpruːf] adjinoxydable


[ˈrʌstˌpruːf] rust-resistant [ˈrʌstrɪˌzɪstnt] adjinattaccabile dalla ruggine


(rast) noun
the reddish-brown substance which forms on iron and steel, caused by air and moisture. The car was covered with rust.
to (cause to) become covered with rust. The rain has rusted the gate; There's a lot of old metal rusting in the garden.
ˈrustproof adjective
that will not (allow) rust. rustproof paint.
ˈrusty adjective
1. covered with rust. a rusty old bicycle.
2. not as good as it was because of lack of practice. My French is rusty.
ˈrustily adverb
ˈrustiness noun
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Speaking of non-existing fenders, the Slingshot's edgy body panels are made from rustproof, lightweight and impact-resistant polymer.
This women's outdoor boot features a suede and mesh upper with a breathable mesh lining and ghiliie lace entry for a secure fit; rustproof hardware ensures durability, while waterproof bootie construction keeps you protected from the elements--and the MDT carbon rubber outsole provides reliable gripping power underfoot.
A blend of beauty and functionality, the classic diamond frame design features an upright comfortable seating position, a lightweight rustproof aluminum frame, puncture-resistant tires, and 3-speed internal hub with internal braking for a smooth, easy ride.
Pallet containers with 1200-lb capacity are made from rotationally molded LDPE and are waterproof, rustproof, and UV-stabilized for strength and durability.
The Land Rover's distinctive bodies were lightweight and rustproof, and designed to be field-serviced, giving the vehicles a reputation for longevity in tough conditions.
In fact, the Zinc mass in a steel sheet is definitely the most critical factor of rustproof or stainlessness.
Ego products, for instance, claims a 100-percent rustproof body on the Ti22 pliers.
The Quick Spreader will also be fabricated from rustproof and durable materials and competitively priced, making it a wise investment and adding to its appeal.
3) Ultralight Powder-coated steel planters are rustproof and easy to move around.
Carl and his associates cleaned up some of the interiors and painted the exterior walls of seven DDUs with a rustproof paint, a flat Army beige that he said was chosen to match original paint chips.
Totally rustproof, the knife features a fixed, drop-point blade with a strong, full-tang design.
0 SZ WPi offers a YKK circular side-zipper for easy on and off, rustproof hardware, a full-grain leather/900-denier nylon upper and a moisture-wicking lining.