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Adj.1.rusty-red - of a red color tinged with rust
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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It sounded as if he liked her and was not the least afraid she would not like him, though he was only a common moor boy, in patched clothes and with a funny face and a rough, rusty-red head.
Ochre, a natural earth pigment gives the water its rusty-red colour.
Each autumn, visitors feast their eyes on amber aspens, purple cinquefoil and rusty-red cottonwoods while scanning the land for black bear, elk and eagles.
Here are five other key points: -About the color: It's called the red planet because the landscape is stained rusty-red by the iron-rich dust.
With its rusty-red colouring, white patches under each wing and inky black wing tips the red kite is one of Europe's most beautiful birds.
Now an exhibition features the work of eight North-East photographers who have been inspired by the 5ft-wingspan birds of prey with their rusty-red plumage and forked tails.
Twenty-five photographs by eight North East photographers show the spectacular birds, famed for their rusty-red plumage, forked tail and long elegant wings.