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Adj.1.rusty-red - of a red color tinged with rust
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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It sounded as if he liked her and was not the least afraid she would not like him, though he was only a common moor boy, in patched clothes and with a funny face and a rough, rusty-red head.
Conjuring up imagery of pot marked swathes of rusty-red land on Mars and serene, slightly sinister scenes from outer space, the album features transitional silences cut through with overwhelming bursts of 1980s-style synthesizers.
It is possibly the longest-lived of all trees and has a rusty-red bark with a deep green foliage producing strange carmine arils which contain the very dark seeds.
As the leaves turn shades of yellow, crimson and rusty-red, the heat of summer is starting to give way to the wet and windy conditions of fall.
6: Rusty-red coolant in the radiator or its reservoir is a sign that parts of the cooling system, especially the water-pump impeller is rusting and wearing off.
Ochre, a natural earth pigment gives the water its rusty-red colour.
Each autumn, visitors feast their eyes on amber aspens, purple cinquefoil and rusty-red cottonwoods while scanning the land for black bear, elk and eagles.
Here are five other key points: -About the color: It's called the red planet because the landscape is stained rusty-red by the iron-rich dust.
"With its rusty-red colouring, white patches under each wing and inky black wing tips the red kite is one of Europe's most beautiful birds.