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Bright red.

[Middle English rutilaunt, from Latin rutilāns, rutilant-, present participle of rutilāre, to make red, to be reddish, from rutilus, red, reddish; see reudh- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Colours) rare of a reddish colour or glow
[C15: from Latin rutilāns having a red glow, from rutilāre, from rutilus ruddy, red]
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(ˈrut l ənt)

glowing or glittering with ruddy or golden light.
[1490–1500; < Latin rutilant-, s. of rutilāns, present participle of rutilāre to glow red, derivative of rutilus red, reddish; see -ant]
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2002; Garreaud and Rutilant 2003) and southern Africa (e.g., Gill 1977; Reason and Jury 1990), in addition to the southeastern coast of Australia (e.g., Holland and Leslie 1986; Reid and Leslie 1999; Reason et al.
If something is rutilant, what colour glow does it have?
Rutilant, 1997: Circulation and low-frequency variability near the Chilean coast: Remotely forced fluctuations during the 1991-92 El Nino.
Tout au long de son discours, ardent et rutilant, le leader s'associait fortement aux complaintes des citoyens qui l'acclamaient a tue-tete.
Ce fut un rutilant fouillis de flammes sur lequel se decoupa la figure de la buveuse [...].
However, there appears to be episodic mixing of boundary layer air, especially during summer when the height of the base of the inversion layer surpasses the mean height of the topography (Rutilant et al.
Face a cette intarissable ferveur du verbe rutilant et du son fastueux, l'audience, fortement ensorcelee, vacillait les bras au ciel et les slogans fulminants a souhait.
Encore une fois, voici devant nous, noire et coiffee d'or rutilant,
Le meilleur salon est meuble, tapisse, decore a la mode, flambant neuf, brillant et rutilant, propre et bien astique et ...