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adj. rut·ti·er, rut·ti·est
Full of ruts: rutty farm roads.

rut′ti·ness n.
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adj, -tier or -tiest
full of ruts or holes: a rutty track.
ˈruttily adv
ˈruttiness n
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(ˈrʌt i)

adj. -ti•er, -ti•est.
abounding in ruts, as a road.
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Adj.1.rutty - full of ruts; "rutty farm roads"
furrowed, rugged - having long narrow shallow depressions (as grooves or wrinkles) in the surface; "furrowed fields"; "his furrowed face lit by a warming smile"
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[ˈrʌtɪ] ADJlleno de baches
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This was the occasion when all the society of Raveloe and Tarley, whether old acquaintances separated by long rutty distances, or cooled acquaintances separated by misunderstandings concerning runaway calves, or acquaintances founded on intermittent condescension, counted on meeting and on comporting themselves with mutual appropriateness.
Prof Guy Rutty, a forensic pathologist at Leicester Royal Infirmary, told an inquest that the woman, who was black and in her 60s, may have been from Kingston, Jamaica.
Aggressive behavior among wild-caught Horse Mice, Mus domesticus Rutty, correlates with a measure of genetic similarity using DNA fingerprinting.
Caption: For years I've enjoyed consistent success bowhunting rutty bucks using decoying, rattling, and grunting to pull antlered Romeos into bow range.
Pathologists Dr Nat Cary and Professor Guy Rutty said the post-mortem recorded a large amount of vomit found in Jimmy's lung and airways.
(2.) The Connaught venture with WHO is explored in depth by Luis Barreto and Christopher Rutty, "The Speckled Monster: Canada, Smallpox and Its Eradication," Can J Public Health 2002;93(4):I1-I20.
Leicester University's head of forensic pathology, Professor Guy Rutty, warned, ``Bruises are very good to show the extent and history of abuse, but it's more often that there's none there and that does not mean the children are not being abused.''
Police had initially treated the death as a gas explosion, but Home Office pathologist Guy Rutty, who was called in later, told the inquest there was no doubt it was an explosive device.
If I remember right, it was quite bumpy and rutty, and I'm hoping it is smoother tonight.
Before people pull the trigger on retirement and "convert their portfolios into replacement checks," certified financial planner Victoria Ferren suggests that they spend a year tracking their expenses and start living as if they were already retired.<br />Ferren, the director of financial planning at Sage Rutty and Company Inc.
The rutty monarch didn't even know he was hit, and amazingly commenced cutting his lady friend for one, two, and finally three laps at the head of that little draw.