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He criticized the zamindari system based on the Permanent Settlement introduced by the government, praising the ryotwari system of land tenure based on peasant ownership that provided him with all his needs.
What have been typical instead were the ryotwari (several) types of villages.
(33) Asimismo, los modelos posteriores de los acuerdos de Ryotwari y mas adelante, de Mahalwari, que buscaron recaudar impuestos directamente de los campesinos propietarios, indexaron formas de intervencion colonial a traves del involucramiento directo con los campesinos y las comunidades agrarias respectivamente.
He gradually introduced what was called the Ryotwari system throughout the Madras Presidency especially during his Governorship from 1820 to 1827.
Also, when the name of Thomas Munro is explicitly mentioned in connection with the ryotwari system of revenue in South India, it might have been worth mentioning, for the Pemianent Settlement in the North, Lord Cornwallis (whose name may be familiar to American students for his surrender at Yorktown).
Other land was held under ryotwari tenure, that is, owned by peasant proprietors who were individually responsible for paying land revenue.