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Adj.1.s-shaped - shaped in the form of the letter S
formed - having or given a form or shape
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At first she added the material to the painting's traditional support: In Verde, 1966, she enveloped a green monochrome canvas in a sheet of Sicofoil marked with large S-shaped strokes, also green.
Three bronze 10ft-tall figures on an S-shaped plinth were to show Sir Stanley in his teens, as a 30-year-old and at the end of his career.
Just before SOHO detected the explosion's first signs, Yohkoh imaged an S-shaped "hot spot," or active region, in the southeastern quadrant of the solar disk.
When the author comes to a discussion of an s-shaped symbol worn by Duchess Elisabetta in the Courtier, Castiglione is quoted as saying that "Fortune .
Being formed, this S-shaped chisel includes a relieved leading edge that has a small negative rake cutting surface.
There are many versions out there, but the crimp I like the most is the one with more modern, defined, S-shaped waves similar to what f(x) Krystal donned at a Tod's event.
A TEENAGE ballerina who feared she would never dance again after developing an S-shaped spine is back in her dancing shoes thanks to metal rods in her back.
Then move on to Burano, famed for its lace-making, colourful houses and S-shaped biscuits.
To achieve it, the slender designer pushes one hip - usually the right - out to the side to create an angular S-shaped curve with her body.
Paul, with the court observing that he could have done without a hastily-called press conference shortly after the murder, in which he explained to journalists that an S-shaped weapon was used to murder Paul.
Sir David had suggested three options: an "S-shaped" line through Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds, a "Y-shaped" route with twin West and East lines north of Birmingham, and a single line to Scotland, with spurs to all the big Northern cities.