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Adj.1.s-shaped - shaped in the form of the letter S
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Specifically this tender is aimed at purchasing an S-shaped seating pod for the centre of the AMC to provide space for students and workers to design CAD modules for use on the advanced machinery.
Bar Hugo opened on the rooftop of Hotel Hugo last fall and has since earned praise for its sexy, elegant, warm, and inviting interior, which features caramel-colored decor and an S-shaped bar.
The state police team that initially investigated the case said an S-shaped knife was used to stab George, and police later recovered one such knife.
He said: "Our initial experiments were with a flat S-shaped sonotrode positioned at the bottom of the through-flow degassing chamber.
The model features a new headlamp cluster and an S-shaped LED daytime running lights, 'L-shaped' chrome-finished fog lamp enclosures, a new alloy wheel pattern, chrome-garnished registration plate enclosure and a differently designed rear door.
A TEENAGE ballerina who feared she would never dance again after developing an S-shaped spine is back in her dancing shoes thanks to metal rods in her back.
Wang and his co-authors strung together a series of images which trace the formation of an S-shaped bundle of magnetic fields from which a set of loops peel off and grow upward into a multi-strand flux rope within a few minutes.
Modern S-shaped furniture and a cafe anchor the two-story lobby.
In addition to the earth-toned and pastel sarees adorned with customary Kolki motif (an S-shaped design) so synonymous with Bengal and inspirations from nature (foliage, climbers and the banyan tree), the online shop will also include a few selections by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.
C/e angle of the curve is around 70 degrees to the right hand side, and the S-shaped curvature of the ribs too.
On entering the studio there is a reception hallway, spacious open-plan lounge/dining and kitchen area as well as an S-shaped turn leading to the bedroom with access to the sit out balcony with views of the Tyne and Millennium Bridge.
The backhoe loader's S-shaped boom has been designed to enhance digging and lifting performance.