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 (sär′lănd′, zär′-, -länt′) or Saar (sär, zär)
A region of southwest Germany in the Saar River valley on the border with France. Because of its extensive coal deposits, it was long contested between Germany and France, especially after World War I, when the League of Nations assigned the administration of the newly formed Saar Territory to France. After a 1935 plebiscite, Saarland became a German province, but it was again placed under French control in 1945. Autonomy was rejected by the populace in 1955, and the region officially became a state of West Germany in 1957.

Saar′land′er n.


(German ˈzaːrlant)
(Placename) a state of W Germany: formed in 1919; under League of Nations administration until 1935; occupied by France (1945–57); part of West Germany (1957–90): contains rich coal deposits and is a major industrial region. Capital: Saarbrücken. Pop: 1 060 000 (2003 est). Area: 2567 sq km (991 sq miles)


(ˈzɑrˌlænd, ˈsɑr-)

a state in W Germany, in the Saar River valley. 1,084,201; 991 sq. mi. (2569 sq. km). Cap.: Saarbrücken.
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For the active ingredient ivabradine, The aok rheinland-pfalz / saarland - die gesundheitskasse offers discount agreements to all interested pharmaceutical companies for the period until the entry into force of exclusive contracts following a formal award procedure in accordance with the provisions of part 4 of the gwb.
Computer scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, together with colleagues from the US semiconductor manufacturer Intel and the Intel Visual Computing Institute at Saarland University, have developed a method that can reconstruct a digital object even from incomplete images.
It is not a complex bug, but its effect is disastrous, explains Michael Backes, professor of information security and cryptography at Saarland University and director of CISPA.
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The penalties imposed on Germany after the First World War included the permanent or temporary annexation of territory, including the Saarland area of the Rhineland, which was rich in coal.
Germany-based InterMed Discovery (IMD) has acquired unique microbial omega 3 fatty acid production strains and related know-how from the University of Saarland.
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Germany's first commercial WiMAX network and first live video connection via the WiMAX network has been launched by regional telecomms provider VSE NET of the Saarland, one of Germany's 16 states.
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This paper presents a research project conducted by the Department of Information Science in cooperation with the Saarland Museum, the art museum of the Federal State of Saarland, Germany.
In this massive study of Nazi rule in the Saarland, returned to German jurisdiction only after the plebiscite of 1935, Klaus-Michael Mallmann and Gerhard Paul conclude that the Third Reich was founded on a broad-based consensus.