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 (săb′ə-dĭl′ə, -dē′ə)
1. A plant (Schoenocaulon officinale) found from Mexico to Peru, having long spikelike racemes of small flowers, long narrow leaves, and seeds that contain veratridine and other alkaloids.
2. A preparation of the seeds of this plant, used as an insecticide and in some medicinal preparations.

[Spanish cebadilla, diminutive of cebada, barley, from Latin cibātus, from past participle of cibāre, to feed, from cibus, food.]


1. (Plants) a tropical American liliaceous plant, Schoenocaulon officinale
2. (Plants) the bitter brown seeds of this plant, which contain the alkaloids veratrine and veratridine and are used in insecticides
[C19: from Spanish cebadilla, diminutive of cebada barley, from Latin cibāre to feed, from cibus food]
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The most well known among these are azadirachtin, pyrethrum, rotenone, nicotine, ryania, sabadilla, quassine and plant oils (Guncan and Durmusoglu, 2004).
However, the use of plants such as tobacco leaves, Sabadilla officinale and Quassia spp extracts for fumigation dates into ages.
Producto vegetal usado Blanco a pesticidas como biopesticida Limoneno and Linalol Afidos de Pulgas y acaros, tambien matan hormigas del fuego y otros tipos de moscas, avispas y grillos Neem Una variedad de insectos masticadores y succionadores Piretrum / Piretrinas Hormigas, afidos, cucarachas, moscas, pulgas y chinches Rotenona insectos que se alimentan de hojas, como los afidos, algunos escarabajos (del esparrago de la hoja del frijol, escarabajo Colorado de la papa, escarabajo del pepino, escarabajo pulgon, escarabajo de la hoja de la fresa y otros) y gusanos como pulgas y piojos en animales Riania orugas (gusano taladrador del maiz europeo, gusanos maiz y otros) y chinches Sabadilla Insectos de la calabaza, orugas del arlequin, orugas, saltamontes de hojas, y bichos apestosos
Remedies: Argentum Metallicum, Borax, Bovista, Calcarea Bromata, Cannabis Indica, Caulophyllum, Crocus Sativa Digitalis, Gelsemium, Kali Bichromicum, Kali Bromatum, Kali Sulphuricum, Lac Caninum, Lac Delphinum, Natrum Sulphuricum, Palladium, Pulsatilla, Sabadilla, Sanguinaria, Silica , Thuja.
Bin Surour's previous success came with Alexandros (2010), Naheef (2003), All The Way (2001) and Sabadilla (2000).
He was 7-2 favourite and had finished second in the race the previous year when he ran far too freely and got nabbed close home by Sabadilla.
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The HQ trainer, successful with Hieroglyphic (1991), Turgenev (1992), Sabadilla (1997), Charm School (2009) and Zuider Zee (2011), is considering Aiken, Lahaag and Thomas Hobson for the mile and a half feature.
Sabadilla dust is the only thing I know that for sure kills adult squash bugs, and I don't know where to get it.
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Sabadilla helps eradicate persistent sneezing, especially when accompanied with an itchy nose.