sabbatical leave

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Noun1.sabbatical leave - a leave usually taken every seventh year
leave, leave of absence - the period of time during which you are absent from work or duty; "a ten day's leave to visit his mother"
sabbatical year - a sabbatical leave lasting one year
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Kidapawan City - The Board of Trustees of the state-run Cotabato Foundation College for Science and Technology (CFCST) has approved the sabbatical leave filed by college president Dr.
He has replaced Timothy Wachira who proceeded for sabbatical leave following students unrest in the institution that led to its closure.
On Sabbatical Leave it was agreed that SSANU members on CONTISS 09 and above shall be entitled subject to University Governing Council regulation while Laboratory/workshop/Studio/Clinical/Hazard allowance was to be paid only to staff 'regularly and routinely exposed' to hazard at the rate of N180, 000 per annum.
Mrs Borthwick-Hill launched the website design business when she was living in the Canadian city, alongside her husband Geoff, who as an airline pilot on sabbatical leave at the time.
Cecil Craig was born in the UK during his father's 6-month sabbatical leave.
Recently the Group announced an extended maternity leave policy of up to 1 year and sabbatical leave for employees.
I've been too stressed and too frantic and too busy with professional commitments, whilst on sabbatical leave, to meet my Esc book review deadline.
Talking to reporter here Thursday, Dr Fariha Chaudhry, who has recently received gold medal for topping in BS English in 2008 at 12nd Convocation of BZU, said that in England, faculty of a varsity avails itself of Sabbatical leave for 6 months to produce quality research.
An automatic reply email read that he was on sabbatical leave and is scheduled to return May 1.
Blended learning is an effective tool for just-in-time learning, in which learners can be trained and educated for the immediate job requirement without long sabbatical leave or the expense of travelling and accommodation to attend courses at distant locations.
Prof Dingle was given sabbatical leave to work on the orchestration, although most of his colleagues didn't realise that this was the reason for his mysterious absence until the official Proms launch earlier this year.
Fifty US universities had introduced the system of sabbatical leave plans by early 20th century.