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 (sə-băt′ĭ-kəl) also sab·bat·ic (-ĭk)
1. Relating to a sabbatical year.
2. Sabbatical also Sabbatic Relating or appropriate to the Sabbath as the day of rest.
A sabbatical year.

[From Late Latin sabbaticus, from Greek sabbatikos, from sabbaton, Sabbath; see Sabbath.]
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(Protestantism) of, relating to, or appropriate to the Sabbath as a day of rest and religious observance
(Bible) short for sabbatical year


1. (Education) denoting a period of leave granted to university staff, teachers, etc, esp approximately every seventh year: a sabbatical year; sabbatical leave.
2. (Education) denoting a post that renders the holder eligible for such leave
(Education) any sabbatical period
[C16: from Greek sabbatikos; see Sabbath]
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(səˈbæt ɪ kəl)

also sab•bat′ic,

1. (cap.) of or appropriate to the Sabbath.
2. pertaining to a sabbatical year.
4. any extended period of leave from one's customary work.
[1605–15; < Greek sabbatikós (sábbaton) Sabbath]
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Noun1.sabbatical - a leave usually taken every seventh year
leave, leave of absence - the period of time during which you are absent from work or duty; "a ten day's leave to visit his mother"
sabbatical year - a sabbatical leave lasting one year
Adj.1.sabbatical - of or relating to the Sabbath; "Friday is a sabbatical day for Muslims"
2.sabbatical - of or relating to sabbatical leave; "sabbatical research project"
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A. ADJ (Rel) → sabático
B. N (also sabbatical year) → año m sabático
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[səˈbætɪkəl] n (= sabbatical year) → année f sabbatique
to take a sabbatical → prendre une année sabbatiquesabbatical year nannée f sabbatique
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(Rel) → Sabbat-
(Univ) he is on sabbatical leaveer hat akademischen Urlaub or Forschungsurlaub
n (Univ) → akademischer Urlaub, Forschungsurlaub m; to have a/be on sabbaticalForschungsurlaub or akademischen Urlaub haben
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[səˈbætɪkl] (Univ)
1. nanno sabbatico
to take a sabbatical → prendere un anno sabbatico
2. adjsabbatico/a
sabbatical year → anno sabbatico
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References in classic literature ?
There were scores of people, most of them sufficiently sabbatical to have assumed their best clothes.
Edna was struck by the benevolent appearance of an elderly spectator in a silk hat and Sabbatical garments.
Speaking about the programme, Matt Schuyler, chief human resources officer at Hilton said: "Having seen this programme at work for the last two years, we can say with certainty that these sabbaticals have a lasting impact on our team members and inspire all of us who follow their journeys."
Asking for more than a month away from work will merit raised eyebrows at most workplaces; asking for a year off - the outer limit for most sabbaticals - might just get you laughed out of the place.
Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC) is to offer paid sabbaticals to investment bankers who have served the firm for at least 10 years.
"One of the things that the boards discovered is that when they examined the issues of sabbaticals within the educational community and the religious community is that it can help you know what your bench strength is and where you need to improve upon it," he said.
And while Brendan Rodgers (above, left) was referring to ex-Liverpool players in the media when he claimed 'there is a group of people that don't want me here', there is clearly one bloke who doesn't want him at Anfield - Jurgen Klopp, on sabbatical (millionaires and Guardian journalists have 'sabbaticals', the rest of us 'doss about').
Recognition and respect from their professional counterparts and from society at large, job performance requirements and individual aspirations for higher education were the primary reasons to avail sabbaticals. Presence of hygiene factors such as maintenance of seniority, regular salary and retention of accommodation during sabbaticals prompted many employees to pursue higher studies by taking sabbaticals.
In the academic world sabbaticals are very much a standard feature and benefit.
No longer sacred, sabbaticals and other forms of faculty leave are under the microscope, causing changes in the way they're being granted and managed.
AS working lives become more hectic, employees taking career breaks or sabbaticals are becoming increasingly common.