saber-toothed cat

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sa·ber-toothed cat

Any of various extinct cats of the Oligocene Epoch to the Pleistocene Epoch, having long curved upper canine teeth, and including smilodon.
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"Scat, Old Saber-Toothed Cat": Tiger, tiger, hunting bright /near the tar pits, late at night.
An examination of the skull fragments at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands revealed the animal to be representative of the European saber-toothed cat, Homotherium.
SABER-TOOTHED CAT: These distant relatives of modern-day cats used their long teeth to slice open prey.
Saber-toothed Cat (Bumba Books: Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Beasts).
The saber-toothed salmon that once swam in the region may have been less saber-toothed cat and more tusky warthog.
Or she can assume the noise was made by a hungry saber-toothed cat and take evasive action.
In the decades since, researchers have found 23 mammoths, a tooth from a saber-toothed cat, and numerous other fossils, providing new insights into the behaviors of prehistoric animals.
It argues that some of the Ice Age megafauna (which in North America include the woolly mammoth, saber-toothed cat, giant sloths, and others) used ancient Tibet as a "training ground" for developing adaptations that allowed them to cope with the severe climatic conditions.
There are two juvenile dinosaurs--a nine-year-old tyrannosaurus rex and a six-year-old triceratops--and a female saber-toothed cat ("It's a cat, not a tiger," Wylie reminds me numerous times).
Main Concept: (See Level B.) Also, some cats are now extinct, such as the saber-toothed cat (or smilodon), that had sabers (huge teeth as sharp as daggers).
A saber-toothed cat, concealed behind some bushes, watches a deer browsing nearby.
As they venture into unknown lands, battling a saber-toothed cat and woolly mammoths, the group discovers there are cultures beyond their own and that of mankind.