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(ˈseɪ bərˌtuθ)
any of several extinct members of the cat family Felidae, from the Oligocene to Pleistocene epochs, having greatly elongated, saberlike upper canine teeth.
Also called sa′ber-toothed` ti′ger.
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Noun1.sabertooth - any of many extinct cats of the Old and New Worlds having long swordlike upper canine teethsabertooth - any of many extinct cats of the Old and New Worlds having long swordlike upper canine teeth; from the Oligocene through the Pleistocene
big cat, cat - any of several large cats typically able to roar and living in the wild
Smiledon californicus - North American sabertooth; culmination of sabertooth development
false saber-toothed tiger - North American cat of the Miocene and Pliocene; much earlier and less specialized than members of the genus Smiledon
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Sharp end goes that way (sabertooth tiger, dangerous), but what if my friend wants to come in?
From Dubai, Thomas Edward Bell, team owner, and Patrick McMurren, Bell's friend and navigator, competed under the Sabertooth Motoring Adventure banner (No.
First record of the sabertooth blenny, Plagiotrema azaleus, in California with notes on its distribution along the Pacific Coast of Baja California.
We now see the TUF brand come to fore which was earlier associated with the Sabertooth line of motherboards.
Twelve papers describe the history of Smilodon discoveries, the phylogenetic context of the sabertooth cat, killing biomechanics and tooth development in Smilodon fatalis, skull and postcranial morphology, and paleopathology research conducted at Rancho La Brea.
Join Miss Emily in reading and discussing the Magic Treehouse book, "Sunset of the Sabertooth." Free, open to K-5th grade.
As shown below, Becky G, who plays Trini the Yellow Ranger, is proudly standing with her Sabertooth Tiger Zord.
A comparison of tooth wear and breakage in Rancho La Brea sabertooth cats and dire wolves across time.--J.
Learn all about the ancient buzz saw sharks, above, and a sabertooth salmon, which plied Oregon waters for millions of years.
"In October 2014, the company put in place a letter of intent with Saab Dynamics AB of Sweden to purchase a Saab Seaeye Sabertooth Hybrid AUV/ROV, with a full contract signed in May 2015.
Such predators as woolly mammoths, cave bears, and sabertooth tigers--all of which had a relatively inflexible diet, forcing them to compete directly with the new humans for animal food sources--either became prey themselves or simply died out.